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    Title change to Dora please

    Please change my name to Dora.

    also please make my title color FF00FF
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post

    Like past reviews, this seller seriously is up 24/7 taking your orders. I contacted him early as hell in the morning and he responded like he just woke up. I Purchased a $550 account with him but unfortunately, it was missing an order leading up to that amount. Seller quickly responded and replaced the account with another one that contained a higher amount than what I paid for. Now that's called service!
    Definitely recommend anyone that deals with cracked amazon accounts to this seller.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattymillz View Post
    I VOUCH FOR THIS GUY! he answered in his sleep, i paid, and when he woke up 5 minutes later he sent me account info.. when he says he is online 24/7, this dude does business in his sleep... believe me... i just was witness of this...

    thanks bro !

    Quote Originally Posted by Windoge 10 View Post
    vouch!, this seller is kind, elgit and fast! GLWS!
    Quote Originally Posted by HIDEMYNAME View Post
    Vouch! Everything OK
    Quote Originally Posted by Techannel View Post
    Bought 1 amazon account, all perfect

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