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    Title Change Request

    please the image titleto this
    and need all my titles in the middle
    edit: and please change my name to Dezayn
    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kudayoru View Post
    Great service. Fast delivery! Made a logo/banner for my forum. I'll for sure come with more orders.
    Quote Originally Posted by xJudgez View Post
    Wow! he made me an animated signature looks so sick!

    Quote Originally Posted by -[Exorcist
    -;11676767]Made me an awesome animated title!
    +Vouch, will buy other things from him soon!
    Quote Originally Posted by CheesyMeatballs View Post

    Huge Vouch for this user, He made me an awesome thread design for very cheap. He keeps good communication through out the entire process and is very very friendly. Do not hesitate to purchase +Vouch
    Quote Originally Posted by xshindoux View Post
    Got a nice thread design.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nyaro View Post
    Got a nice signature from him.
    He's Very nice. Does his work fast.
    I would buy from him.
    Quote Originally Posted by AltsShop View Post
    Vouch for Dezayn.77!
    Quote Originally Posted by Burak Baba View Post
    Vouch for this guy! He is fast and easy to communicate and his works is awesome!!

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    All set. Previous name "Dezayn.77".

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