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    Text Title

    Hi Liz,
    May I have my text title set to:

    Bolded & Centered?


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    The Vouches

    Quote Originally Posted by claydohfix25 View Post
    I Vouch this guy +1, he's Legitimate, traded one account with him with no problems at all, smooth sailing.
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    Traded AQW account for AQW Account. was quick and safe. +1! Fun person to talk to as well!
    Quote Originally Posted by YashiroIsana View Post
    Successfully traded with Timii, account he sold are legit. Vouch for Timii
    Trusted seller.
    Quote Originally Posted by ImSoClueless View Post
    Vouch for Timii, he is botting dragon shinobi on my MAIN account right now.. He is legit and trustable.
    Quote Originally Posted by ur noob lol View Post
    Vouch for Timii, currently botting combat trophies for me
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Scrog View Post
    Thanks for taking care of couple reps of mine, and sorry for late vouch! @Timii
    Quote Originally Posted by tkbaek1997 View Post
    Vouch for Timii, Trusted Seller! He is Legit. ps He was also patient even though i wasted time on trading due to errors etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by pieoewieoe View Post
    +1 vouch for @Timii I went first, smooth trade and friendly guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by Divixmage View Post
    I vouch for Timii's character. A cool chappy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Glue View Post
    Vouch for @Timii
    He botted my account Doomwood reputation and also lv uped it. Thank you

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