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    Tips for Quarantine Mode

    All right, well, everyone on MPGH, and in CA, such as myself, have our thoughts, comments, opinions, etc, on Quarantine Mode. Yes, the first thing we think to ourselves is that it is 100% Human Proof, to win. But it isn't. They have the mechanism lock doors that you use if you survive long enough, and they have a few hiding spots plus glitches. From what I've found, someone killed me when they tapped, so it is possible to kill a zombie, melee of course. I was attacked with the six pack grenade launcher, it does the most damage. I've found guns for a good defense, of course you may use them if need be.

    The MINIMI, and the MK.48. High rate of fire, and 100 rounds for each reload. 400 bullets, 2 guns, good defense if done correctly. You may be lucky and hold off those last 5 seconds and WIN the round, or match. You never know. Hiding spots also help.

    1. Obtain a MINIMI

    2. Obtain MK.48

    3. Hide

    4. Run like the wind

    5. If you're infected, try to party with a friend and have some fun since you've failed to stay human.

    I know this thread probably isn't much of a help to anyone b.c guns don't do anything, but this is what I do to liven up the match. It can get pretty entertaining. Flame if you want, it doesn't really matter to me lol. Well uh have fun in Quarantine Mode. :3
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    Don't make your chams obvious then - like don't prefire or anything

    Be smart, be azn, and have fun killing gms

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