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    Chams & Crosshair

    A friend of mine gave me this hack through school and he said he made it so credits go to him i guess, though I changed the crosshair in. It's only a little crosshair so it won't effect your game play much. It DC's after every game you play, or it may only be me. I use it on Vista so it should work for Vista users but XP might work with it as well.If you have a way to make it not DC, please let us know.

    Currently I am making a walk-through video. I will enclose some pictures. If it doesn't work for you, please don't flame. This is my first time posting and helping the community with hacks and other information.

    What is inside this hack that I have:
    *Small Crosshair

    Some instructions:
    1.Download Kollie'sChams and the Valkyrie Injector
    2.Extract both files anywhere. Better if it was a new/empty folder.
    3.Open the Valkyrie Injector as admin. for Vista users. Not sure about XP.
    4.Press 'Add' and select Kollie'sCham
    5.Press Auto Inject

    Virus Scan

    Virustotal. MD5: a6305659ee412d8e30acb53fae4d7098 Trojan.Spy.674304.3 Gen:Trojan.Heur.PT.Pq4aauMmnFn Trojan.Crypt!IK

    I'm not sure if that's how you post the virus scan, keep in mind, this is my first time helping people.

    A pictures/screen shot of the hack as well as a video...Sorry! I don't know how to use fraps. I will put the video up ASAP when i figure it out. I put the picture in, lets hope it works. BTW, it's the little red cross your looking at as the crosshair, the green one is the normal CA crosshair.


    Please don't forget to thank me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legify View Post
    Yes it did, and you both leeched off Longevity. Let this thread die and kollie go fuck yourself for lying son of a bitch
    *Quoted For Truth*

    Longevity Posted This So Don't GO Lying Saying Someone Gave You This Saying They Made It

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