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    Exclamation Need help with making my own .dll files for combat arms

    OKay to start I am not 100% a Noob at this I know how to make a .dll file I just don't know how to make it work for Combat arms I don't care about getting vip codes just want to know how to make a working .dll for ca so I can I guess help others that can't or don't want to know how and I guess to help Jeff and the others that make them. If you would make a Video for me to show me how to do this or wright it if you are good at saying every step by step. or just hit me up on msn. No spam adds please.
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    I do suggest you to start from an easier game.
    Don't even start hacking CA b4 you can hack GTA San Andreas.

    (Trust me, It's very easy and gives good practice to newbies).f
    No I do not make game hacks anymore, please stop asking.

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