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    Paco's very late introduction

    Hello guys, I dont really know if it has any sense to write this now but well I wanted to. So I am registered on this forum for around two years, all that time I use nickname polokolo (for real I am not sure if I can change but I would really like to make it Paco ). In the time I spent here, most of it was just downloading hacks for various games, then on the beginning of this year I somehow got into marketplace section and tried selling stuff (Not very successfully). Something about me is for example that I am 16, from Slovakia and all I know that can make me some money maybe is writing poems. And not to forget I told myself that maybe after two and half year it might be time to try join the community more. Thanks for reading.

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    Welcome I guess?
    You are here for pretty much 1.5 years right now

    Maybe offer your poem service on freelance
    Maybe get in to Social Engineering - read this also.

    Have a good stay here

    Add "MPGH" when adding me!
    If not I will block you to avoid spam.
    Do not add me if you need SE related help.
    There are enough Step by Step Tutorials in the Social Engineering Section

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