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    I'm Adz. I'm not good on making hack since i dont know how (lol) but I'm good in giving detailed feedbacks (which can be based in improving hacks).
    I'm a blogger moderator in another site. I also contributes anything that I know. I'm 25 years old graduated in two bachelor courses: Information Technology and The Hotel and Restaurant Management. I own a cafe in my place but not as big as what we can see in the big city.

    That's all I can say about myself and I hope I can give a good service in this community. To end my self-introduction, please let me leave a give a good qoute:

    "Share what you know, know what you share"

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    Welcome to MPGH doppleghost

    You don't need to know how to make hacks as you can learn here. Just be warned that the downloads are screwed up right now so I recommend you to get IDM (Internet Download Manager) if you are going to download hacks for a game.

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