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    Exclamation MY guide to FREE NX or VIP

    no outside links

    Hello, today i will post a guide that shows you a way to easily get VIP and also how to get more income for your paypal Account.

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction to PTC {Paid to CLick}
    2. Payment Proof/ Anti-Scam
    3. Items you will need.
    3a. AutoClickers.
    4. How to set up your account.
    5. Avoiding Bans
    6. Gaining the maximum income
    7. What to do after you get 25$

    1. Introduction to PTC

    The basic definition of PTC is Paid to click, which means sites will allow you to click advertisements, and you will typically have to wait a time limit until the offer is validated into your account, and that adds a certain amount of cash into your account. You may also have to face a payout limit, which means you can't cash out any money until you reach that amount that is necessary. Some sites also come with Premium packages that allows you to have an advantage over others in terms of cash. For example, lets say a site gives you 0.01$ for clicking an add, that premium package may allow you to get 0.05$ per click and so on. PTC sites also have various ads for you to click on different times of the day, So there is always opportunity to make more and more cash each day. Referrals are also very use for making cash. One site that is very good for making cash is, as of which you get about 20-50% or more cash from them IF they are active. So remember to encourage your friends to stay active on these sites, and it will benefit both of you!

    2. Payment Proof/ Anti-Scam

    Many sites will say all of the things mention in my introduction but most of those sites are scams. www. is not an scam. This site features a forum section that allows users to post proof of payments to show that they did not get scammed. This site also has good support, so if you have problems with cashing out or need general help, just contact them. Before i end this section, remember, "Many sites will say all of the things mention in my introduction but most of those sites are scams. www. is not an scam."

    3. Items you will need.

    In this section I will provide a list of things you can use to help enhance your income, things that are required, and items that will help you ease through this process.

    1. Patience- Patience is the key to success. You cant expect to be paid 20 dollars on the first time you join. You may or may not have 20$ by the end of the month, it just depends on how many referals you have, your referals activity, your own activity, and wheater or not you have a premium account or not. Remember these 4 key components to success.

    2. Good Social Skills- You must have good social skills to get referals. DOn't beg people to sign up to your referal, because most likely they will ignore you and you do not get referals. Try to find ways that works for you such as helping people. But remember DO NOT BEG!

    3a. AutoClickers

    I can sum this up in a few words. AUTOCLICKERS ARE BAD! They will get you banned quicker than anything else. If you choose to use one, however, please be sure that it has comments/testimonials about how it works, and wheather not it has got anyone banned. I am not entitled to any ban(s) that you recieve due to using Autoclickers. You have been Warned. >

    4.How to set up your account

    Setting up your account for AdPTC is pretty straight forward. You provide them with your email(s) a username and a password is sent to your email. You can change this password but it is highly recommended that you leave it the same. I suggest saving your password to a notepad file so that you will not forget it. AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN FIND THE FILE!
    5.Avoiding Bans

    This section is short also. The only thing you shouldn't do is make various accounts on the same computer and use those as referals and Autoclickers. IF you make various accounts on your computer then you will be IP banned, and so that means no $$$ for you and auto clickers will just get your account disabled and you will lose all progress > :'( :-\

    6. Gaining the maximum income

    To gain the maximum income, you need to buy one of the premium packages and get as many referals as you possibly can. Thats all i can tell you on increasing your income from this site. Best of luck to all of you to achieve either or both of these requirements.

    7. What you should do after you get 25$

    Well, here are your options, You can either spend it on VIP hacks, NX, or anything else. I recommend the VIP hacks since they last longer but it is uiltimately your choice. I hope this guide has helped you and best of luck to all readers of this guide to achieve their goal. Remember to ask questions if you need to! I'm usually available. PM would be prefered so the topic will not be cluttered with questions and such. But yea, Good luck again! See ya. ;D

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    very nicely typed out tut (that is if its not copy & paste) but no outside links allowed...that includes the broken ones that you put a space after the www. =.=
    also tricking people into referring you is just as bad as begging...i know that link is a referral link

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    nice tut . but does it work for ppl in EU ?
    i am @Eminem

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    Sorry but we don't allow outside links to sites like this.

    If you would like to make a query about it or try and get it approved talk to a "higher-up" (Admin, GMOD, etc.)


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