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    Quote Originally Posted by Royce da 5'9" View Post

    You sir are a dumb ass

    These are all my accounts

    Where do you see a
    @burgessjr at?
    You sir are a dumbass for making your own Jrs and Srs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    Royce will you take Alessandro's ban for him?
    the br told me to make the thread for him

    Quote Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
    ban evade..... ban gogoogogogoggo
    not really

    Quote Originally Posted by Ze Polvinho 1 View Post
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk royce dumbass
    you dont know me kid

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenebrae View Post
    Love how this kid says he's gonna get minion and he has it all "planned out".

    Saying dumb shit doesn't build a strong case.
    trust me bro, i got this

    Quote Originally Posted by Saboteur View Post

    They're banned because you say stupid shit then front like you don't.
    I say stupid shit but I DONT ACT LIKE I didnt say it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drtro View Post

    You sir are a dumbass for making your own Jrs and Srs.
    What are you talking about.....I will tell you how I made all these accounts name up

    BurgessJr- Burgess Jr is my last name and when I first started forums I could not think of a username so I put burgessjr
    BurgessSr - I made it burgessSr Because i wanted people to know that was my account, nothing associated with mpgh
    EminemJr- BurgessJr and eminemj are the same people but I made it eminemjr because @Eminem already had that account so I put jr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminarly View Post
    Did you refresh the thread and see my comment? No way you replied that quickly

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