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    Quote Originally Posted by Azathᴏth View Post

    Good point. What I'm trying to argue is that these individuals whose moral perspective is warped to the point where acts like murder are not "bad", they don't consider themselves evil. Shit, you think Hitler thought he was evil, or the people who followed him for that matter? Whether their definition of good and bad is defined through social stigma or a disorder, they carried out heinous acts that they believed the right thing to do. Islamic fundies and radicals think that America is the source of all that is evil. Christian fundies think that every person who is not a Christian fundamentalist like them is going to hell. Sometimes they take their beliefs to such extremes that they are driven to murder that they believe is righteous. Are they right? Hell no. But that's irrelevant, because they seem to think so.

    However, I am inclined to agree with you that people who carry out acts of wrong, and are aware of that, without any guilt or remorse, can be considered evil.
    Yeah, I agree that they don't think they're evil, it's their own belief, of course there's a few out there sane enough to know their insane/evil. I don't know how this got sidetracked so hard, but it is what it is.

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