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    Started at MPGH on buying a crossfire account. Got scammed 3 times in 2011 and with the help of Ravallo, I managed to at least get those 3 people banned. After that happened I left some time in 2012 to focus on school exams. Came back a year later after I got scammed which was 6 months after I decided to focus on my school exams and be inactive on MPGH. I then started to view the Market Place and began to explore the wonders that were beneath such a place. Later on I became a Middleman 2 months after I come back. Didn't regret coming back because it's obvious that once you are put into a position your whole personality changes in a good way. Around a month later, I had the ability to edit/close/delete/move/sticky threads in the Market Place which lead to my full title as Minion of Market Place another month and a half later. At that time, school was starting to hit me because it was sort of that time of the year just like in 2012, so I created an Appointment System to organize both my school activities and MPGH time. Within 3 weeks, I became a Moderator for the Market Place and then as you all know resigned 6 days after. I guess you can say, without Ravallo, I woudln't be here telling you this story. The lesson for me is that you should always persevere, be nice and have determination. If you are determined to do something, don't let anything stop you because the next chapter of life is written by you. Life is a game of chess where you have to move your pieces wisely.

    Disclaimer: Anyone who claims to be Hugo Boss on Skype and/or links you to this profile without proper verification is not me. I do not own any active Skype accounts and will NEVER add you randomly. Please be aware of imposters and refrain from getting yourself scammed by someone who is not me. You have been warned.
    If you need help with anything, you can leave me a message on MPGH.
    I will try my best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post
    Started my life in MPGH by lurking for hacks, found General and got stuck at mpgh for life. Started to go over to the Art & Graphic Design and learned a thing or two and we allways had Grammar wars, Fking loved that time. And, also, @Hero asked me to make a Avatar for him I was Honored but did not end well (Broken images) I blame MPGH. FYI hes a really nice person, And i know your old mpgh name and still have the avatar, sn.......
    Lol yea I remember asking you to make an avatar for me.

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    I was searching for CF hacks a lot and it redirected me here many times but i wasn't involved with forums so i registered 1 time without knowing how to verify the account then i didn't try to register here again, later i knew how to register at forums then i registered here and started using hacks, Assassin's Creed's CF hacks to be specific, then i started using other people's hacks, i was only downloading then i started checking the CF discussions section and seen that there were a lot of accounts giveaways, i liked them and won some, then i started posting in there and i was active at that section, then i wanted to know how to make hacks for CF, searched a lot and learned from a lot of tutorials and got help from a lot of people then i could start making hacks then i asked dave later how many hacks should i make to get contributor because i thought it was a specific amount like 20 hacks or something, he was like "what do you mean" then i told him that i've released a lot and didn't get contributor yet, i linked him to my releases then i got contributor, i was very happy at that moment, then i released more hacks and started checking more sections at MPGH other than CF and started getting into general which was way better than this year, i applied for CF minion like 3-4 times and got it at Jan. 2013 i think , then i resigned after 3 days of being minion because my first term's marks were shit and it was my first time to be that shitty, it wasn't my choice but i was forced to not touch the computer and all i should do was studying, i thought that it was my last time to be on MPGH, then i finished the year and the summer came, i played CF for 2 months without thinking of visiting MPGH because i thought it was a shame to resign after getting minion in 3 days, then i came back and here i am trying to get MM and i got some experience in solving cases, i want to get CF minion too but i don't think i will have a chance like the last time since i don't contribute there anymore as i have stopped coding.

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    Almost everyones story began by Searching Crossfire hacks.

    i really would like to know daves and aruns story about the creation of MPGH.


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