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    Exclamation MPGH Publicist Group Applications

    MPGH Publicist Group

    The MPGH Publicist Group will be in charge of promoting and managing various social and gaming related events and activities across the forum and beyond. As a publicist, your job will be far greater than just creating and managing events and tournaments. Your job will be to engage and promote a large social and legitimate gaming aspect on MPGH. You will be in charge of promoting every activity run prior to it, during it, and after it has passed. Documenting some kind of footage during an activity will be a requirement, where applicable.

    The Publicist Group will be bringing new exciting and fun aspects to MPGH and all of the games and events run. They will be focused on marketing MPGH as a whole, and attracting a variety of new members to the forum. Not only will you be in charge of attracting new members to the forum who support this aspect, you will be responsible for engaging the current members across the forum into it. Creativity in all ideas is a must. You will also have a role in servers/private servers for games that support them.

    The Publicist position requires a large amount of time and effort. It is by no means an easy job. Any tag hunters and inactive members will be avoided.

    Available Positions

    • Video/Graphics
    • Event Management
    • Marketing
    • Promotions


    • Must have at least 1000 posts. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Must be able to advertise and promote all events/activities and the site in a good light.
    • Must have at least 4 months on the site.
    • Must have proven BEFORE the applications a willingness to assist & contribute to site.
    • Must be EXTREMELY active.
    • Must speak English well

    Application Format

    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Location:
    • Position:
    • Activity by hours: (Realistic)
    • Do you go to school or work: (If so what hours are you usually away from home?)
    • Why should you be chosen as a Publicist:

    All others will be deleted & banned. Beggars will be removed & banned. So don't beg or solicit people to 'support' and/or thank your post.
    I Read All Of My PM's & VM's
    If you need help with anything, just let me know.
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    Application Format

    • Name: Mohil Patel
    • Age: 18
    • Location: Bonne Terre, MO
    • Position: Promotions. If that is taken then Marketing
    • Activity by hours: 10 hours
    • Do you go to school or work: 7:48 AM to 2:50 PM Central American Time
    • Why should you be chosen as a Publicist:I want to promote new things, and see it expand and gain Interest.There are a lot of good things I see but they are just not promoted right so they get faded away, I want to change that people take a look at the item or whatever it is i am promoting.

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    Name: Raple
    Age: 17
    Location: Indiana, US
    Position: Events Manager
    Activity by hours: 4-5.
    Do you go to school or work: School, my typical hours of activity can be found in my signature.
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: I've been staff a few times now, and I would love to actually put together an MPGH Game Night every single week because I always used to love MPGH Skype Night. I believe it would be easy to get a nice group together and play games together weekly.
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    I love ya man the real dank God
    luv u 2 bb

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    -get mod ~i did it

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    Name: JJ
    Age: 19
    Location: Ireland
    Position: Event Management/Marketing/Promotions/
    Activity by hours: 4-5
    Do you go to school or work: Work and School but the work hours are very short shifts and school is quite random
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: I'm great when put under stress and have a bounce back attitude when it comes to feedback and learning on how to do my job better. I enjoy participating in any activity's this site has to offer and I know I will enjoy helping organize those activity's even more. I will always get my job done on time no matter what gets in my way a good example of this is my commitment to the news fo
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    Name: Yaam
    Age: 18
    Location: Florida, United states
    Position: Promotions or/and Event manager
    Activity by hours: 4+
    Do you go to school or work: school from 7am-2pm, work I make my own schedule
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: I'm pretty sure I have what it takes, I'm up for the time I have to apply to the position , I can get the right people together to pull these events off and I know where to go to bring in new people for these type of events.

    If you know me, you know I'm always around if you need anything so this is the perfect position for me, Plus I already *had* some project coming up
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    Did you refresh the thread and see my comment? No way you replied that quickly

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    Name: David John

    Age: 20

    Location: Albania

    Position: Event Management

    Activity by hours: +10 Hour Per day

    Do you go to school or work: Work

    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist:

    ''EXTREMELY active.''

    Since i already experienced the awesome community of mpgh, distributed and helped as much as i could, my ultimate aim always was to become an Event Management so i can manage events and keep watch over these, so they happen good and without mistakes, also i am reliable, so i get a job done without the stupid questioning, if I am asked to do so!

    Also time shouldn't be a Problem, i will be active as often as I can per day, it also doesn't matter how long

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    Activity by hours: (Realistic)
    Do you go to school or work: (If so what hours are you usually away from home?)
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist:






    Other commitments:
    TAFE, 18Hrs/Week (Mon-Fri)

    Why I should be chosen as a Publicist:
    I should be chosen as a publicist because I believe that working in a Marketing type role on MPGH would help further advance my career in Business, similar to an internship. I'm currently studying Certificate IV in Business and we look at every spectrum including marketing. I'll also be going to university next year to enroll in a Bachelor of Commerce course.

    Not only will my current expertise help with the position, but also the position will help prepare me for future assignments in University and my career in Business.

    I would also like to get more involved with the MPGH community again as I believe I left on quite a poor note.
    Need a friend? Private Message
    Need a Middleman? Add me on Skype: HERE or Copy & Search >> 'aussie_sniperx'


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    Name: Serg
    Age: 16
    Location: California
    Position: Event Manager
    Activity by hours: (Realistic) On anywhere from 3 PM-1 AM PST (currently 12:44 A.M) on weekdays and 9 AM - 3 AM on weekends.
    Do you go to school or work: (If so what hours are you usually away from home?) I have school and usually return home by 3 PM.
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: Well to start off with it's pretty obvious why I chose my position, I know that the community knows I've had a big experience with hosting events and doing better so than others who have tried doing it. Safe to say that if I get picked for this position I will dedicate actual time to the event managing(before I only put up reminders for people to get on and was still averaging good numbers on events) so you can expect even better numbers for events. Also if we actually have prizes and such for tournaments then I can guarantee even better numbers since my events used to be free and still brought in good numbers. Also I will focus on new ways to handle the percent of people who say they will come to the actual people that will come with some methods I've thought of over the past that should help boost numbers. (Also @Jov for marketing obv pls )

    Good luck to everyone who applies.

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    Name: Richard
    Age: 16
    Location: Portugal
    Position: Promotion or Marketing
    Activity by hours: 7-8 hours and 11 hours on weekends.
    Do you go to school or work: School, 8:00 AM to 13:15 PM, (GMT + 1:00).
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: Well, I think I should be chosen as a Publicist because I'm working on a similiar school project and I'm enjoying it a lot. Also because since always I've shown interest in promoting MPGH events/tournaments, things that reinforce the bond between MPGH and it's users. There are other reasons regarding why I think I should be chosen but I think the main ones are listed above.

    Good luck to all the other applicants!
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    Name: Garett
    Age: 18
    Location: root@kali (Colorado, US)
    Position: Event Management, anything with administration, I'm good with organization. (News FO)
    Activity by hours: (Realistic) 4-5 hours
    Do you go to school or work: (If so what hours are you usually away from home?) School, Part-Time Job for everyday commodities and to fuel my self loathing.
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: First and foremost I have experience with starting and promoting events.. I created the recreational News Team with Austin until it became the "official" MPGH News FO, something that hadn't been ever named official (if I recall) and hadn't been around for a long time. Nonetheless, the success and consistency could have been debated to the later editions however it was quite a success and it's still going today. I was a minion for 6 months but that doesn't mean shit here so I'm just going to conclude by saying I have the divine right of rule, I am God.
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    Fiorentina, Italy

    Position: Video/Graphics

    Activity by hours:
    At least 10 hours a day I can be contacted through skype

    Do you go to school or work:
    I am finishing my last year of college I also work but I can be contacted like 14/7

    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist:
    I have spent the last 8-9'ish months doing GFX work.
    I have proven that I can contribute by having been a Editor for RotMG before Dave took down wiki and I was A News Force Member as well
    I also feel that I am extremely active knowing that I am online [u]AT LEAST 12 hours a day[u] probably more daily. If you ever need me I can always be contacted on skype unless I am sleeping.
    I feel now that I can produce good quality work for you. Choosing me will allow your promotions to be promoted in a new way a way people will enjoy to look at and read.
    I have many customers for my gfx and I do great work you can read my reviews if you would like. I have done many pieces for people here on mpgh as well
    I try to help as much as I can in the Arts and Graphic Section, etc... I feel if you choose me you not only will have a good way of promoting but you will see thee promotions getting better and better with my work. And the better the promotion the better the outcome
    My GFX Folder is

    Thanks for taking the time to read my app
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    Name: Ahmed
    Age: 17
    Location: Canada
    Position: Video/Graphics
    Activity by hours: 8 or 9 hours on weekdays and 10 to 12 hours on weekends.
    Do you go to school or work: I have school, from 7 AM to 3 PM. However, I have nothing the next month.
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: Won't say why should I get chosen or why do I deserve the position, but I'll be able to do my job as required.
    I've been doing Video editing since 2012 and I've seen a couple of videos created by the old Publicist members back when the group was up, so I'm aware of the idea and know what should be done exactly. Also, I used to do game montages and intros in the past for MW2 and Battlefield Heroes.
    About graphics, I've been also into it since a long time ago. I have a lot of experience and resources to get my work done fast and good as it should to be.
    I used to be the GFX member of the Event force too, If you'd like to see a sample of my work (GFX), Here:
    Didn't apply for a position or a tag, Just want to do something I enjoy between, if you find that I couldn't or won't be able to handle the task, I have no issues at all, thought I'd give it a go and help the force to come back. Good luck to others.


    Editor - N/A
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    Name: Alton

    Age: 18

    Location: San Francisco, California

    Position: Promotions

    Activity by hours: (Realistic) Around 8-9 hours on weekdays and at least 12 hours on weekends. I have Skype on my phone so I'm able to respond to Skype messages around the clock.

    Do you go to school or work: (If so what hours are you usually away from home?) I am currently in college and I usually have around 6 hours of class on weekdays. However, besides those 6 hours I am usually on my computer. I'm currently staying on campus so my home is basically really close to me and I carry around my laptop with me so I can check MPGH and do what I need to do at any given notice.

    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: I believe you should choose me to be apart of the team because I can offer this group a lot of things. The whole idea of promoting MPGH and creating events and such really appeals to me. In the past, I have always wanted to be apart of a group that does this kind of things. In the past, I have organized events of my own in the AVA section when I was a Minion solely on the purpose of brining a community together and exposing MPGH to the public. I enjoy the idea of a whole community and I believe that this group will allow me to use my skills and passion of bringing a community closer together. Along with that I have a wide field of expertise and knowledge that I can definitely bring to the table.

    When I was a Minion, I treated my job very seriously and I believed in doing more then what the job required. This became evident when I started to create guides and tutorials in my section. Along with that, I also worked on official MPGH projects such as a Wiki that gave vital information to the users of MPGH on their select games. I also established a few successful events in my section that yielded success and overall brought the section closer together. From those experiences I learned valuable skills and assets that I believe I can bring to this team. For one, the idea organization and maturity comes into play when you set up events. Without organization, no event can be made possible. I experienced this first hand when I was apart of the failed Event Force and I took the experience with me and made sure it never happened again in the future. Maturity also has an important role in events as well. In my opinion, a well moderated event will be a successful one. I take my job very seriously and everything I do I make sure that I do the best job I possibly can. When you become apart of any force, its important to lead with example and I highly live by this rule. I make sure that I be the best member I can be and represent the force in the best manner possible.

    In addition to the things I mentioned above, I would also like to add that I have a great deal of experience and forum knowledge that would greatly benefit this team. I have been apart of many groups in MPGH that helped the community. These groups included: Wiki Editor, Minion, and the News Force. I have also been apart of non-official groups such as the Event Team. All of these groups all intended to make MPGH a better place and a more united community and I believe with my knowledge gained from these groups, I can really make a great addition to the Publicist Group. The amount of knowledge and experience I have gained makes me an overall candidate for the job. I take everything very seriously and I always put my job first before anything else. I see lots of potential for this group and I really believe that I can make an impact on the group. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this group the best it can possibly be.

    Before I end this application, I would like to personally thank Flengo for making this group because I think its a great idea.

    I wish everyone else the best of luck!

    All the best,

    MPGH Member Since: 2011
    AVA Minion Since: 7.14.2013 - 7.4.2014
    Skype: MPGH.Commanderr
    Timezone: PST (GMT - 7:00) California
    If you want to contact me, drop me a Skype!

    The Hunt has ended...
    My Goodbye:


    Yes, I made all of these.

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    Name: John
    Age: 17
    Position: Marketing
    Location: Bethlehem, CT
    Activity: 3-4 hours
    School or work: yes i go to boarding school.
    Why i should be chosen: As you may know im very very affluent and know how to get things done. I am studying marketing for sports and small businesses in school. I also have an extensive knowledge of investment, propagation, advertisement, and monetary things thanks to my dad and his IT guys. I have the resources to get anything done and i have the knowledge too. Im also fluent in three languages, which can prove useful when advertising to different countries or people. I have been a part of the mpgh ts3 as funder and owner as well as funder and owner of mpgh minecraft.

    I hope you concider.

    (@Color hue hue)
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    "Queria ser como os outros
    E rir das desgraças da vida
    Ou fingir estar sempre bem
    Ver a leveza
    Das coisas com humor..."

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    Name: Abraham M.
    Age: 19
    Location: Egypt
    Position: Marketing/Even Management
    Activity by hours: You know
    Do you go to school or work: College. Usually Home from 4 till 8 PM GMT.
    Why should you be chosen as a Publicist: Since I manage the Marketingdia department in a really big association in our college, and a member in a bigger one, I'd love to be more involved in stuff that have to do with relevant subjects. Would also love to contribute to the sections I grew up (on mpgh) and bring them back to life.
    My skype: PM me for my skype.
    Make sure to check with me first on the website before adding me on skype

    Make sure to use an OMM for all your trades for a safer trade
    Need an OMM? Just want to talk? VM/PM


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    I look like an emo bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by x00u View Post
    Your moms so fat her ESP Box is in another dimension.
    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post

    Lol, man, I see why i cant get staff, cause people still hate me for no reason like you, Always rude to me.

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