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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post

    Yeah, sorry. I didn't put an explanation for the questions as it might effect honest results. The point of the questions was to help distinguish low-activity users and high-activity users by requesting information that someone who is a high-activity user should/could immediately get. If I added lyrics or audio, if someone didn't know the name, they could Google it, or if they recognize the song but aren't high-activity users, then it would be false data.

    Sorry for the confusion, I know that one is a little bit troll, but I promise you, there is a method behind the madness!

    Also, thanks again for everyone who is participating! Gotten 50+ responses in less than a day!
    I don't doubt you, I'm more just disappointed in myself that I didn't connect it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    I hate you colin. I really hate you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blake View Post
    Fuck you colin

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    I was watching people play hotline miami 2 on the xbox on twitch last night.

    PC master race. Game is unplayable on hard mode for xbox.

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