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    Rules and Guidelines Build

    Okay guys, so this is a BUILD on NextGen's post in the BC2 section.

    As the title says, i will BUILD on NextGen's implied rules.

    General Rules:

    -Do Not spam
    -Stay on Topic
    -Do not post on a topic unless you have something to contribute to.

    If you wish to report something use Report button or mention section minions.

    Don't create useless topics this is BF section so don't go off topic.

    Section Rules

    - No advertising(PERMA BAN)
    - No posting viruses(PERMA BAN)
    - No posting loaders unless you have the permission from Dave (Site owner) (PERMA BAN)
    - No thread bumping(3 day ban)
    - Posting in wrong section(1 day ban)
    - Posting hack packs without approval(1 day ban)
    - No flaming outside flaming section(2 day ban)
    - No spamming(3 day ban)
    - No begging for approval or anything related to that(1 day ban)
    - No trolling outside general section (2 day ban)
    - No multi-posting(1 day ban)
    - Using outside download sources(PERMA BAN)
    - Detouring MPGH Filters(PERMA BAN)

    Also there a couple things i do want to remind you guys of:
    - Use MPGH Uploading system (Attachment)
    Failure to do so will result in a 7 day ban

    - If you want to flame, use the PM system.
    Failure to do so will result in a 2 day ban

    - Add a screen shot of the trainer/hack when posted
    You will be given 24 hours to post a screenshot or your thread will be deleted.

    - Posting virus scan behaviour

    -Don't C+P it, Scan a new one / y our own (You will be given 24 hours to update it or your thread will be deleted.)
    -If the Virus scans doesn't match the attachment (Your thread will be deleted and will be given a infraction)
    -When you're scanning the file, make you sure scan the .RAR not the .EXE
    -Use only - - - to scan files.
    These will be enforced in ALL sections. Make sure you keep to the above to ensure you have a good time.

    If you have any queries , do not hesitate to ask myself, or any other member of staff. Its okay to ask, its how you learn :P

    Last edited by Mayion; 10-30-2013 at 02:39 PM. Reason: Updating Rules.

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    /Updated Rules as: 10/30/2013

    Please read them wisely and if you need anything just ask me or any other staff member.
    Thank you.

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