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    Adventure Quest (AQ) Hack Requests

    Hello, everyone. Given the fact that there is currently no thread for Adventure Quest (AQ) hack requests, I have decided to make this one. As always, remember to follow the RULES when requesting an Adventure Quest (AQ) hack and you may only post your game hack request here. Posting it anywhere else will result in a post/thread deletion and you may even be infracted for it if you turn out to be a repeat offender. Do NOT release requested game hacks in this thread. This thread is solely for hack requests for Adventure Quest (AQ). If you want to release a requested game hack, then to do it in a separate thread.

    You MAY post your game hack request in the following format:
    Name of the hack: (Here you may write what you want the hack you want to see released to be named to).
    Purpose: (Here you may write what you want its purpose to be).
    Extra: (Here you may write anything else you wish to add to your request).
    If a user happens to proceed with your request, you will be able to find whatever hack you requested here. They may or may not mention you if they do happen to release it so make sure to check the section in question out often.
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    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.

    Impersonators' Skype IDs [DO NOT ADD]: hunterr.94

    Please make sure to always ask me for a confirmation PM/VM before proceeding with any deal that supposedly involves me.


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    Name of the hack/trainer: Anit-Matter Gem bot
    Purpose: To get the 4th dimensional house
    Extra: hardwork and determination

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    Name of the hack: AQ All in one hack
    Purpose: its the all in one hack, has health, speed and training abilities, like AEDAB 2.0.
    Extra: i would like it to be released for mac too, like possibly a .jar which can be opened on windows + mac and other OS.

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