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    Undead Warrior ONLY Fast Legion Token bot


    I've been combing the top searches for bots for fast legion tokens. A lot of them require Legion Soul Collector and stuff which costs a lot of ACs. You do need Undead Warrior for my bot, but it's the fastest and cheapest way I can find to get LTs.

    I use Quest #2246, which is Lack of Four-sight. Don't let the Random Drop label for tokens discourage you. The drop rate is high and it's been dropping almost every time for me. Even if it drops only half the time, that is still much faster the Gateway to the Souls or Endurance Test, because of the number of times you need to kill the monsters to get certain drops for completion (which also slows the bot down, since it has to switch back and forth between all those locations). It's a whole 20 tokens!

    My bot is simple:
    Join EWD, r-12 Left
    Kill monsters 20 times
    Accept the items
    Go to next room
    Delay 3000ms (so quest can complete), then attempt to turn in quest

    This eliminates certain inefficiencies that I've seen in other bots:

    Too few Monster Kills before the next instruction. The bot wastes time scanning the instructions again before kills, which is unnecessary because clearly you wouldn't have completed the quest so fast. I capped it at 20, in the dreaded case of logout. You can raise it if you like.

    You will notice that quests don't turn in while you're fighting. Bots sometimes can fight on and on because of the aggressive commands, but that means you won't have time to turn the quest in before you start killing again, or while the monster is still alive and attacking. This results in items stacking to their max without being turned in for a while, wasting time. Thus we exit to the next room to turn in properly.

    Also, this quest only uses one location. Neat.

    The LTs come at about 60 an hour. I'm a level 45 Dragonlord, and it might be much faster for a 65 with powerful classes like DMK. Tip: Remember to set your visual quality to low, and small screen, reducing lag.

    ALSO, help needed. The bot can auto-complete a quest, but not auto-accept it. What's my problem? (I'm using Le Bot 8.4)

    Virus scans:
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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    /Approved. Post back results and as always, use at your own risk. Also, @ELGDMV, please add a screenshot of said bot in action if possible. Thanks.
    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.

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    Hi Hunter, as a new member it seems I can't do that. In fact I can't even tag you.

    Fellow botters please note that the drop rate is in fact 100% because it has really dropped every time. Very worth, even more so than the LSC quests.

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