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    in the jungle,the mighty jungle,the lion sleeps tonight
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    Artist showcase-Aranx

    677 shop id - cannod be purcheased yet,but here is the shop id anyway
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    I just like "Fake Glasses Male" Other items sux , And Armors Won't Show up for me

    Donations are greatly appreciated

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    Hey. Before contacting me please read this. I am not selling anything unless I state so. I am not giving anything away unless I state so. I am not interested in buying anything of yours unless I say so. Request a confirmation before trading with me. Do not PM me with a spam or begging messages, I will ignore you. I am not codding much these days, so do not PM about that as well. Childish/dumb PM/VMs will be removed and person will be ignored.

    On Steam and Skype I've received few messages about MPGH Clicker. So I'll say some stuff here. First of all, MPGH Clicker link is HERE. It's current version is 1.0 and going up thru 1.008 atm. If you have any suggestions, post in the thread or PM me. I use steam mostly for gaming not for chatting and skype for whoring. If you have any questions about the game, post in the thread or PM me, I'll be happy to answer and help you if you'll have any problem with the game.

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