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    Question Is there a way to get Prestige 10 WITHOUT unlocking everything?

    I'm using the React-IW4 client and I'm looking for a way to get to Prestige 10 without using /unlockStats in the console or a trainer that unlocks everything and sets your account to rank 70. All I want is the additional classes that come with high prestige, nothing more; I want to go through the process of unlocking the weapons and camos by myself.

    EDIT: I've already tried a couple of trainers and neither one worked. I'm assuming they were outdated but the threads didn't mention that. Again, using the React-IW4 client on a clean pirated copy, getting VACed is not an issue. Not sure which version or how to check but I hope this bit of information helps.
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    Cheat Engine or Sigma Engine.

    Game cheating scripting language: MPGH thread here



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