Sometimes (about 2/3 of the time) when I get a killstreak (via gsc modding), the killstreak wont work.
As in, you grab the clapper... and thats it... you are holding a C4 clapper in your hand, but nothing happens.
firing it wont work either =\
And what makes it weirder, I only happens to me as host. When another player in the server gets the killstreak (a nuke in this case), he is always able to fire it.

I use the following code to give myself the nuke:
self maps\mp\killstreaks\_killstreaks::giveKillstreak( "nuke", true );
self maps\mp\killstreaks\_killstreaks::rewardNotify( "nuke", 24 );
I did made some small modifications to the nuke, but only to prevent it from ending the game.
I did not change anything to the conditions when a nuke can be called