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    Did Hunter act right ?

    Hi ,
    About 2 weeks ago i opened a thread in csgo's discussion forum asking where i can buy csgo skins and pay with Paypal.
    Link (deleted) :
    obviously, I got some tip from the users some website there i can buy skins n pay with Paypal.
    It was about 3-4 posts and all of the site's were legit and well known.
    But 3 days ago @Hunter decided to at first move my thread (idk where) and after that he delete's it claiming there is outside link's posted in there.
    But all the link's that were posted in my thread is related to Cs go which makes the link's relevant and noon outside link. I mean there was no link that were just a random shit witch has nothing to do with my question.
    However i have got answers to my question so i don't really care but i just find it a little bit annoying that my thread gets deleted almost 2 weeks after i post it and the reason is pretty unclear for me since all the link's are related to Cs go which makes them non-outside links.
    Me and hunters conversation if you would like to read it :

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    Not sure what you're trying to get at. Are you saying that the outside links cannot be classified as outside because they are relevant to your thread or?
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    Already spoke to you about this, but as you wish. I noticed your thread which you made with the purpose of finding sites where you can buy CS:GO skins. Users started posting a bunch of links of what you were looking for and I deleted the thread. I first saw them as referral links, I admit that I was wrong about that, but after you kept private messaging me about the thread deletion, I decided to speak to @Hero to see if I had made a mistake. He said that the links should be seen as outside links and not as referral ones, but that the thread deletion was appropriate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black View Post
    Not sure what you're trying to get at. Are you saying that the outside links cannot be classified as outside because they are relevant to your thread or?
    No, he's saying that because they're links of sites where you can buy CS:GO skins with PayPal for CS:GO they can't be classified as outside links. Same thing as saying that "you are allowed to post links of forums that sell CS:GO hacks because they sell CS:GO hacks."
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    You weren't advertising or posting outside links, but the thread you made was asking specifically for it. That's why it was deleted.

    Nothing done wrong.
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