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    new gmod rule and minions are a joke

    since 2013 users have been using pastebin to upload hacks etc and the person who posted that thread claimed that there was only one incident where a pastebin link was posted but if you look at release threads you can see it happens quite often

    the person who posted the thread tells us to, "Copy the source and use the [.code][/code] tag to paste the code and post it instead" which is stupid because much of the code gets censored out e.g. (draw****undedBox) because of the word filter leaving the hack yielding errors and in a unusable state which forces memebers to either

    a) break the rules and post a pastebin link and get infracted or their thread deleted
    b) wait for a mod to approve A TEXT FILE...

    our current minion (Smoke) seemingly does not even play gmod because he gives users recommendations as to a problem which are FAR OFF

    so in short, minions are trying to enforce a section they don't even know
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    Let me outline something for you as you seem to be a bit confused. The entire point of the MPGH attachment feature is so so you can upload the hacks through there, if it wasn't what's the point of having it if we allow every hack to be outside linked? No offense as i accept criticism as I'm new and it'll help me learn, BUT that's kind of common sense. The other part i suppose you're entitled to your personal opinion but i haven't purposely tried steering anyone in the wrong direction, i was just doing what i was told to do and I've been trying to do my best at it.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Pastebin is allowed as long as it does not contain any advertisements or outside links. It has been forever and there isn't enough reasoning to not allow it.
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