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    Thumbs down banned for no reason.

    By the way i created the account only for this thread.

    My main account is harder than you think.

    I got banned for 1 week this morning for reason: self-vouching.

    When i asked what does it mean minion said that someone checked my ip and he found the matches.
    He said that i'm the same person as a valve.bizzare.
    I was really impressed, and i contacted with him via skype (with valve bizzare)

    I explained the situation and he said that he got banned too for same reason.
    I asked him about his isp and location and he said that he is from the same town .

    We have not so much isp's in my town so we probably have same ips...

    You also banned my customers for fake feedbacks.
    Here is chat with one customer:

    [1:15:47] harder than you think: pls
    [1:15:54] Ian: did u play on the MGE account before u sold it to me?
    [1:16:02] harder than you think: i didn't
    [1:16:10] Ian: it hasnt been banned or anything
    [1:16:21] Ian: but i looked at the recent games and they're all 50+ kills
    [1:16:27] harder than you think: wow
    [1:16:50] harder than you think: everything fine with the mge atm?
    [1:16:55] Ian: yeah everything is fine
    [1:16:59] harder than you think: that's cool
    [1:17:48] Ian: slowly getting it ranked up haha
    [1:18:13] harder than you think: keep it up bro xD
    [1:18:14] Ian: how do u want me to bump your thread?
    [1:18:22] harder than you think: just write something
    [1:18:24] harder than you think: idk
    [1:18:26] harder than you think: like
    [1:18:28] harder than you think: good luck
    [1:18:33] harder than you think: or something else
    [1:20:04] Ian: there ya go : p
    [1:20:09] harder than you think: ty
    [1:20:28] Ian: these accounts have done so much disconnecting
    [1:20:38] harder than you think: idk but
    [1:20:46] Ian: my internet went out on the GN account and it was banned for 7 days hahaha
    [1:20:50] harder than you think: almost of my accs have it.
    [1:21:04] Ian: yeah russians rage quit easily haha
    [1:21:12] harder than you think: xD
    [1:21:39] harder than you think: tell me if u need another acc for fun
    [1:21:56] harder than you think: i have a lot of nice accs atm xD
    [1:22:00] Ian: nice man
    [1:37:04] Ian: lmao i just realized my account is 5 years old on MPGH
    [1:37:09] Ian: I should really of posted on it m ore
    [1:37:10] Ian: more*
    [1:37:33] harder than you think: 2 posts in 5 years
    [1:37:37] harder than you think: that's really cool
    [1:37:38] harder than you think: xD
    [5:33:35] Ian: yo
    [8:25:10] Ian: your thread got deleted
    [8:25:12] Ian: wtf
    [8:38:30] Ian: prolly cause u told me to bump ur thread LOL
    [11:16:12] harder than you think: Wtf
    [11:16:31] Ian: cause my accounts got banned too
    [11:16:51] Ian: my account was banned
    [11:16:53] Ian: ur thread was deleted
    [11:17:11] Ian: my ban reason is fake account for self repping
    [11:17:22] harder than you think: I cry now
    [11:17:22] harder than you think: Cause I lost my business
    [11:17:30] Ian: message them
    [11:18:24] Ian: thats fucking stupid
    [11:23:27] harder than you think: How
    [11:23:34] harder than you think: If I got babned
    [11:23:36] Ian: dave84311
    [11:23:40] Ian: is the only way
    [11:23:42] Ian: or make a new mpgh account
    [11:36:06] harder than you think: It's ubfa
    [11:36:10] harder than you think: Unfair
    [11:57:56] Ian: yeah its really unfair
    [11:57:56] Ian: wtf

    here is his ban lol
    g y a z o [dot] com / 57fe0b4d3257a97f0899bb1da9697bf0
    [12:00:17] harder than you think: 2011 reg fake vouch
    [12:00:27] harder than you think: So stupid
    [12:00:29] Ian: they banned my other account too lol
    [12:00:39] Ian: that i posted on your thread like a month ago
    [12:00:51] harder than you think: Lmao......
    [14:27:47] harder than you think: i got banned for 6 days
    [14:27:53] harder than you think: reason:self-vouching.
    [14:28:00] Ian: wtf
    [14:28:03] Ian: you didnt self vouch though
    [14:28:09] harder than you think: i know
    [14:28:09] harder than you think: but
    [14:28:10] harder than you think: wtf

    Idon't know but u maybe banned my other customers.
    Here is money from him...
    g y a z o [dot] com /ae11ab8d8d5c2f70a97c42cefc87db3c
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    You were banned by @BACKD00R.
    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.

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    Please make sure to always ask me for a confirmation PM/VM before proceeding with any deal that supposedly involves me.


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    You created a lot of fake accounts to self vouch your threads.

    Also, you don't have 1 or 2, or 3 Ip's that matches to the other accounts, I checked over than 110 IPs.

    Don't try to be innocent here.

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