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    Smile Banned by posting a sourceforge link

    Hi, my account is octpos, and I had been banned for posting a sourceforge repository link. Some user said something about a paid tool he can't use, so I just posted a link to an open source tool repository, on sourceforge...

    I didn't know that I can't post *any* external link (though it was just for download links ), now I know that, but I'm banned for a week .

    Well, I know that I crossed a rule, it will not happen again.. But I didn't do it intentionally, I naively though it was okay to post an open source repository link... So, I really need to wait 7 days until my ban can be lifted?

    P.S: I'm not evading my ban by using this account :}, I added some mods on skype but no one is online or accepted my contact. This account here can be deleted after some mod sees this thread


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    The link you provided had a download option on it for a file.
    Usually if you post an outside download link, it is a permanent ban, however, I like to give users a second chance.
    If you wish to link users to something, you can upload the file as an attachment, and someone will have it looked over.
    Ban will stay.

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