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    Unjustified ban.

    Was apparently banned for faking evidence when I did nothing of the sort.

    It shouldn't be hard for the mods to check the edit history and see that there was NOT A SINGLE SHRED OF "FAKED EVIDENCE".

    All of my customers are getting uneasy because I'm banned so it would be great if you unbanned me asap. Thanks.

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    My old account was blksmith009

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    Please provide the proof that you decided to remove on the thread and tell me why you removed it in the first place? It is a requirement of the MP to post proof but you decided to remove your receipt as well.

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    Alright, so, your marketplace thread was approved by Hero so I'm assuming you aren't tied to any ban evaders. Now, this is where everything starts to get interesting. You refused to hand out a vouch copy of your supposed service to Arioch, who's an Official Middleman, so its legitimacy could be confirmed to supposedly give it out to a non-staff user instead? Really? But of course, this doesn't prove anything, if anything, it's just quite suspicious. Later on, the user known as roycejunior found out where you had gotten said transaction receipt picture from and made a post about it in your marketplace thread. The fact that you had already removed the image in question a few hours before you got called out for blatantly lying and trying to fake evidence that you were allegedly able to fulfill said service doesn't even matter in this case. You most likely just did it because you were afraid of getting caught, but then you added it back because you knew that your marketplace thread would get deleted if you decided not to do so, (considering you still hadn't given out any vouch copies of your supposed service to any users who met the requirements to receive vouch copies either). Anyway, after the user roycejunior accused you of being a scammer as seen here, you removed the alleged transaction receipt image again shortly after. How convenient, right? Let this be a lesson to anyone who's reading/happens to read this staff dispute of yours. Lying doesn't get you any favors at all. If anything, it just makes things worse. This being said, yeah... Staff dispute denied.
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