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    I was banned for sales trashing. This is an invalid reason as the users on the thread kept responding to me. On top of this I received no infraction before this. To farther this several times I have had actual shit posting on my threads in which the mods just delete the comments and noone gets infractions and sure not a ban. Flengo have some mercy they were talking just as much shit and I am sure you probably didnt delete their stuff

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    Coming from someone who complained to shit about sales thrashing on your own thread, it's a fair ban. You of all people clearly know the rule very well lol. Meant to be one day ban only though, changed that.

    I deleted all the posts. Also, you seem to not be scared of the rules, as said so in one of your posts that were deleted.

    Serve it out and don't try and act like you're above them next time.
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