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    Pointless Ban?

    I just got banned by HA for no apparent reason.
    More pointless than the ban itself is probably this thread since I got banned by the site owner himself, but whatever.

    I made a thread in the General purely for the intention of a seemingly harmless little game. Members were supposed to guess the performance & security program that Dave uses to upkeep MPGH. Now this may seem as a risk of some kind of intrusion or whatever, but I don't see how revealing the provider himself with no other info is risky. But not just that, whatever I do on this site, seems like I'm a point-blank target for banning. I'm sick and tired of being your lame test dummy.

    While I'm on it; for any reason that may appear, I always seem to get a direct ban from every staff, with no prior warning/infraction whatsoever, needless to say my aforementioned action does not break any, but any kind of official or unofficial rules that have been mentioned/inforced/disscussed before.
    And please don't come on saying how some rules are implied by common sense or what not other bullshit that may come up to justify your actions.
    It's freaking disgusting seeing other members getting ignored for much worse things and us, little ones being "internet raped" by you, the almighty ones.
    Bias? I think so.


    Ps I'd just like to ask the handlers to leave the thread open after they've had their word in this (if they, of course, decide to handle this the right way rather than delete the thread, which is rarely the case when I'm in question).
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    I banned you. You're always looking for or causing trouble.

    There is only two reasons you'd post this thread:
    1. You'd like to create MPGH and want to replicate it's speed and security.
    2. You'd like to bypass the security of MPGH by understanding what it uses.

    There's no game about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arunforce View Post
    I banned you.

    ^This means you lost. Arun doesn't unban, and nobody undoes his bans.

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