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    mrBombast banned

    Hello dear staff, I am banned on my main profile mrBombast.
    The reason of my bann is for scamming.
    I never even scammed someone, ask all my costumers i am a fair trader and i never scammed any of them.
    I have been doing a lot of trades.

    How can i prove i did not scammed and how can i get unbanned?

    Thanks for your help staff !

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    I did a little investigation of my own and had mrbombast give me more information about where his Ip is coming from and after using a resolver to find his IP Something strange is definitely going on in my opinion

    skype resolver says his IP is

    but his screenshot of says otherwise a0dd930eb0a610e513b80fa3cf074d11.png 09c9682265fb1f5969ea809f40802d99.png
    I understand a lot of people aren't to fond of me for being a cynical dickhead when I was a staff member but I would like to apologize for any wrong doing or hateful comments that came your way as a result of my ignorance, I've seen a lot of not so nice things said about me but I would just like you all to know that even during my ban duration (Roughly 2 in a half years for Excessive Trolling) I still frequently brought traffic to this site by word of mouth and making this website better has always been something that I'm passionate about. I think the information we find on this site should always be free and that's why I've always found this site to be more admirable then others for just that reason. I can't remember exactly but I recall resigning because another Minion was approving malicious content and I found it disgusting to even be associated with said person. I didn't resign because I think I'm better then anyone for that matter, or do I think I'm smarter. I was upset and used childish antics to verbally abuse others to get my point across which was wrong; and if you were one of the people affected I am truly sorry. I do not hate anyone, nor do I hold any grudges against anyone. If you would like to work out our differences or simply need help please message me as I would love nothing more.

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    Its been proven you were attempting to impersonate yourself or something and scammed or attempted to.

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