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    [SCAMMED] Scammed by a middleman !!

    I GOT SCAMMED BY [MPGH]Hugo Boss !! i have the chat on skype !! got scammed by Hugo Boss and GearSage !! [while selling to him an account !] if a staff can pm me his skype or reply here plz !!!

    And he want me to change the email of an account that HE changed the PASSWORD ?!?!? WTFFFFF
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    1. You should waited patiently instead of making another thread regarding the same matter. Duplicated thread.
    2. You should have posted this thread in Scammers Grave and not in General or Staff Disputes. @Flengo, @Hero, @BACKD00R .
    3. @Hugo Boss stoped Mming since quite a long time ago.
    4. I'm pretty sure you were scammed by an impersonator and not by Hugo Boss, himself. Either ways, you should have checked the List of MiddleMan Impersonators in the first place before proceeding with any sort of deal.
    5. Please post a screenshot of the impersonator's skype profile (and screenshots of the whole conversation) so the moderators can verify that you were indeed scammed, check the impersonator's IP and check if he has currently any active accounts on MPGH and if so, ban them.
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    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it. Also, here are some useful links you may want to take note of:

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    Please make sure to always ask me for a confirmation PM/VM before proceeding with any deal that supposedly involves me!

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    At least when you are accusing me, you post evidence in order for the current staff to assist you with it.
    Let's be realistic here and provide all possibilities:
    1. I am currently not a Middleman, nor a staff member.
    2. The reason why I quit remained untold in general last year, but I did inform @Flengo @BACKD00R and @Cataclypse the actual reason at that time on Facebook.
    This was because I was overwhelmed by the numerous amount of Middleman Impersonators and it created stress for me.
    As Hunter stated in the previous post, it is important to double check who you are trading with. Even though that list may not be as up to date, it is still necessary to take precautions.
    3. I haven't touched the Marketplace in awhile. The last thread I made was in relation to CrossFire, but that's it. Please use the Search option to check my posts if you like.
    4. As Batman stated in this thread, my skype is live:mpghhugoboss_1
    I have yet to log onto that because I am busy and I do not want to get involved with random people spamming me like in the past.
    5. If you check my profile, there has been a recent member who almost got scammed, but he took the precautions to ask me if I was talking to him. If the so called "Hugo Boss" you were talking to involved the skype name of "mpgh.hugo.467" as stated by the member, then you got scammed by that impersonator. If not, could you gladly please do as others stated and post screenshots as evidence?
    6. There has been a couple of people requesting for me to be a MM recently, which I feared earlier that there was an impersonator again. Also informed @Flengo earlier about that in advanced, and we checked over those members.

    All I can say is that, if you still don't trust me, we can go further. Like I always say, I do the best to prove myself innocent. We can get Skype to check my chat logs, or whatever. You get the point.
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    /fp They don't bother confirming identity via the site, or checking for impersonators. Not a staff dispute, as it is not related to any staff action or staff member.

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    If anyone claims to be me via MSN/Skype/Email or any other source outside of MPGH private or visitor messages, IT'S NOT ME!
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