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    private server issue with new dlc

    hey i'm running a private server (LAN) and after i got the new DLC2 stuff installed and working i got an error on two of the new maps when i use the command 'map mp_name'. the maps are carnival and trailerpark

    weird thing is the other 3 strike vacant and fuel2 work fine

    the exact error message is "script compile error", followed by "Could not find script '/maps/mp/_destrucible_dlc2' "

    i've re-dl'd ad recopied the dlc and it didn't fix it. also i can't seem to repeat the error using alteriw at home though, hence the delay in providing the exact error

    the other weird thing is when i use the 'map mp_name' command, it doesn't display the correct name in the loading screen image (like for abandon it should say 'carnival' as the map is loading), instead it says what i put in, mp_abandon

    i'm stumped any help would be a step in the right direction

    EDIT - in case anyone cares it was a problem with the patch_mp.ff file
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