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    Post [Tutorial] MW2 Mod Injecting Guide Made Simple

    MW2 Mod injecting guide for the noobiest of the noobs

    Downloads needed: [Downloads on the bottom of the post]

    - VAC CHAOS (DETECTED but thats the risk of modding) [using VAC CHAOS = ban in a few days]
    - LoaderX
    - Any Mod

    Step 1:

    Extract both zip files and open your mod loader folder you extracted.

    Step 2:

    Download a mod that you like, i chose zombie mod for this tutorial.

    link to thread to download from:

    Extract that aswell and you get a folder, now put that folder into your MW2_ModLoader folder like this:

    Step 3:

    Open The file named MW2_Modder in your MW2_ModLoader folder with notepad and Replace the "Mod2= ; etc" with "Mod2name of mod folder]" in our case: "Mod2=PrivateReleasedVersionWithMaps"
    After it should looklike this:

    Then where it says "CurrentMod=1" write 2 so it would turn into "CurrentMod=2" and this will pick your mod. If you add mods later on you can add more to the list then just change the number here to change between mods.

    Final result of the file:

    then close it and MAKE SURE YOU SAVE!

    Step 4:

    Go in your VAC Chaos folder and start it up by clicking on the VAC_Chaos file. leave it for now and then open you Mod_Loader folder and start up LoaderX and click on auto inject, it should say status: searching for "Modern Warfare 2"

    Step 5:

    Go to you VAC Chaos window and press load game, this will load your mw2 and the loaderx will inject (add) your mod to the game.

    Step 6:

    you can now join a private match, host one, go on match making or whatever you want and it will work, [ public lobby mod = ban, but u can still play private matches after]
    If your playing on public you need to be host to make the mod work.

    soccerguy - for the zombie mod writeable version
    Mr.Mackey - for showing me how to do it so i can now show you guys /
    AgentGOD - for VAC Chaos

    Hope i helped those noobie noobs =)

    [Force Host Guide] [Coming Soon]
    [Admin Menu Guide]


    VIRUS SCAN Mod Loader 1:
    VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    VIRUS SCAN Mod Loader 2:
    Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner - Services -

    VIRUS SCAN VAC Chaos 1:
    VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    VIRUS SCAN VAC Chaos 2:
    Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner - Services -

    !All detections are false-positives. A staff member may check these files and if they're not aloud to be posted please remove!
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    Good job on the tutorial but ahhh why is this approved! VAC Chaos contains advertisements and there is already a tutorials like this.

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    Shut the fuck up insane you pussy bitch.
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    Shut the fuck up kid, everything that comes out of your mouth sounds retarded as fuck.

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    alright sorry ive read about that vac is not allowed but i forgot :S
    Should i give a link to it? , but then can u approve it?
    ant btw i made this tutorial because theres alot of tutorials but not too many have pictures and for example when i tried it was hard and i wasnt sure of some thing.

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