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    Help with Gellins VIP Base


    I need help with this base. I'm just wondering what is needed for it to not crash Combat Arms? I mean is the only thing I need to do is update the addresses or something? Also which ones are the important ones to get it running? I.e. LTClient, LTBase, LTCommon, D3D, etc.....I can find some of the addresses myself I just need some pointers as to get this base working so I can work with it. Thanks for any help.

    Edit: I'm using this base as a reference. Once I can get it working, I want to use it as a resource for an original new base that I want to create. Btw I been coding for about 2 1/2 to 3 years now. So I know here and there. It's just that I'm used to coding on a linux environment and I'm new to hacking games. Thanks.
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    You'll need alot to update to get Gellin base working.
    The base was released as is, if you can't update, then you shouldn't use it.

    No I do not make game hacks anymore, please stop asking.

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