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    A lost thread question

    Hello. In hoping that this section of your forum tolerates such questions, I am about to ask you about my missing thread.
    About 16 hours ago I tried starting a thread in User Services section, but it never got published. I need to know if it was blocked on purpose and why, as I was absolutely sure my thread complied with the section's guidelines.

    P.S.: I also posted a thread similar to this in marketplace questions section, but it was completely ignored, thus I'm here.
    P.P.S.: I tried PMing a moderator, but it turns out I cant PM anyone as of now. Weird. My mail, of course, is confirmed long ago.
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    If your thread was deleted, the staff member who deleted it will provide a statement as to why it was removed (you should get an automatic pm)
    If you do not see your thread, then it may have not been approved yet.
    Thread approvals take up to 24 hours.
    Before creating a thread in the Marketplace, remember to read the rules and guidelines to see if you meet the requirements.
    Be sure to also provide the necessary proof of whatever you are offering.

    As to why you cannot send a PM, you need to reach Member Level 1 first.
    See this thread for the full details:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Feel free to message me via visitor message or private message if you need any help.

    Click this to see the Happy Holidays Image Titles
    I do not own any active Skype accounts and will NEVER contact you outside of MPGH. Please beware of imposters.
    If you need help with anything MPGH related, you can leave me a message. I am more than happy to help.
    Any spam/stupid messages sent to me will be ignored. Violations against the rules may result in an infraction or ban.
    Useful Links: MPGH FAQ | List of MPGH Rules | Report a Scammer | Support Sections | Marketplace Rules
    Contact me via: Visitor Message | Private Message

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