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    Smile which programing language should i chose ?

    Hi ! i'm UDE
    I have started learning csharp since last week and i'm still confused about which programing language is good for me ?
    I have heard that with csharp i can do only a fewshit like wallhack , MOBA-BOT[LEAGUESHARP - POPULAR SHIT ] while c++ can do so many thing beyond the limit [aimbot,hooked to the game (noclip,variable hack such as ammo ,health hack ... blah blah ] .
    I also heard that csharp is noobfriendly and my purpose is to make hack for old-gen game like browser-FPS [bf pay2win maybe],some new-gen like cs go , bf4 , black ops 3 maybe lol ... ESP,ADVANCED AIMBOT is what i need .
    Thanks for spending your time to answer my question . Cheer !

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    If you want to learn how to code hacks, don't start with how to learn how to code hacks.

    Learn a programming language like Python and learn the basics of programming. Move onto something like Java, and then C++. Once you know the basics of those languages and you have a good knowledge base for programming, then go ahead and learn how to make hacks.

    Also, this isn't the best place to ask. If you want to ask questions related to programming in the future, you might want to visit the programming section instead.


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