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    Hello MPGH! Been a while since I've been on here (most of you probably don't know me, and are like "Why the hell is this dude talking like he was famous on this site".)

    My answer to that ^ being I was never famous on the site, and very few people know me. I just want to be friendly.

    Okay, so. Down to my real problem... I started trying to do something on photoshop today, but... I lack the skill. Before you stop reading this, NO, this is NOT a 'here take this and do it for me' thread. This is me reaching out to you, All you photoshoppers on MPGH, and asking for someone to help me with photoshop.

    Trust me, it's VERY basic, but I can't figure this out.. (I must be retarded or something, xD.) but what it really is that I'm trying to do is... well.

    I have several pictures that I need help with. The majority of them being just adding names/subtext in a cool way. For example, this one picture of SideSwipe (from transformers) I want to add "Side Swipe" to the picture. The word Side above and to the left of Swipe. Also in the background of the words, I want silver gradient, cruvy lines going from left to right of the name. From dark, dark, almost invisible, gray to a brighter gray so that the words still appear.

    The rest are, hopefully, going to be easier, but if this sounds like something you'd feel like teaching me. Please reply! I'm begging you.

    Seriously. *Gets down on hands and knees* PLEASE!!!! Someone, anyone, it doesn't matter how talented you are in photoshop, as long as you know how to do the basic stuff like that. I will provide my Skype, XFire, Steam, AIM, or Origin for you. (In a private message of course.)

    (I'll have the picture of SideSwipe as an attachment by the way. Credit for the picture goes to Deceptigirl on deviantART. Check her out )

    (And I have already edited it a bit.. All I did thus far is smudge the eye light a bit.)
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