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    Post Improved MW3 Hack/Trainer/Info Collection

    Hello and welcome to an up-to-date/improved version of Jorndel's MW3 Hack/Trainer/Info Collection! Most of this is just a re-wording of what is already existing, but is up-to-date.

    Note: Threads from Modern Warfare 3 Private Server Hacks are EXCLUDED. All of the information in this thread is meant to work with the Steam version of MW3. If needed, I will adjust to support/include non-steam versions.

    [Sticky Threads]

    [Info] MW3 Hack/Trainer/Info Collection by [MPGH]Jorndel

    VAC: Bannable or not? by [MPGH]Insane

    [News] Read Me! [Rules, Uploading, Posting] by [MPGH]Jorndel

    [Info] Regarding to TeknoMW3. by [MPGH]master131

    [Info] What's the latest version of MW3? by [MPGH]master131


    The latest version of Modern Warfare 3 is: 1.9.461 by [MPGH]master131

    Reports in MW3 are checked, but rarely. Just don't cheat 24/7. by jammers109

    Possibly fix for MW3 crashing. by leinuo2

    How to reset your statistics by BatzGun

    You cannot get un-vacced. Impossible. by dafk

    How to remove texture hack(s). by Anan159

    Fix bugged Double XP time. by adam1741

    When reinstalling your OS or game, the stats are saved with Steam, if applicable. by xbeatsszzx

    How to host a server. by cAfstA

    So I am VAC banned from MW3, what now? by xScylez

    Weapon ID List - 1.9.461 by FlyingSixtySix


    MW3 Cry Cheat by COD3RIN

    *NEW* MW3 tool by Bl3ckNeko

    GodMode, RedBox, Unlimited Ammo, etc... MW3 MultiTool by JokerKing9903

    Godmode, Box ESP, Unlimited Ammo, NoSpread, NameFaker, ... - MW3 MultiTool by JokerKing9903

    ServerControl, Unlock All, ESP, Chams, etc. - KevinTrainer v2 by LillilateX

    Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Removals etc. - YCbCrBot v2 by LillilateX

    Aimbot, ESP, NoRecoil - YCbCrBot v1.0 by LillilateX

    MW3 Unpatched Tool Finder by Bl3ckNeko

    MW3 Aesir Cheats Public (Aimbot, Massive Kill, Non host god mode & more features) by D3.-Starh<3

    Xenon's Prestige Tool by kylew0607

    MW3 Server Controller. by eithan1231

    Chams, ESP, NoRecoil/Spread, UAV etc. - KevinTrainer (after Update) by LillilateX

    CP3 MW3 dll Injector v1.0 by CmptrPrgmr

    (REPORTED TO BE VAC DETECTED!) MW3 | FPS Booster [1.9.461] by ____MrFox

    (May be outdated) Mw3 Mini hack 2.1 (Steam) by eithan1231

    (May be outdated) PRESTIGE & LEVEL EDITOR by RUii

    (May be outdated) Mw3 GodMode Tool By Eithan by eithan1231

    (May be outdated) Mini tool 2.3 by eithan1231

    (May be outdated) Rullez Injector || MW Version || By Rullez by Rullez

    (May be outdated) MW3 Multihack v1.2 by AUT03x3C by AUT03x3C

    (May be outdated) Mw3 Mini tool 2.2 by eithan1231

    (May be outdated) [WPF] MW3 External Crosshaor by KeyTools

    (May be outdated/broken) BlueJoka's MW3 Tool by Bl3ckNeko

    (May be outdated/broken) MW3 CodJumper Mod by SamTheDope

    [Single Player Hacks]

    MW3 SP/Survival/Spec Ops Hack-1.9.461-Aimbot/ESP/One Hit Kill/what-not by Lovroman

    MW3 SP Noclip Tool - Resistance Only by FlyingSixtySix

    Single Player Hack [1.9.461] by NadeHouse

    Mw3 SP Hack 1.0 By Thealexzava- My First DLL Hack by Thealexzava


    [C#] Memory class - Updated Jorndels. by eithan1231

    [MW3] Colored Classes and chat text by TheExfear

    How to find DVAR offsets and Write them in C++ (Internal) by Martin4435


    Simple Rank hack using cheat engine, for Newbies by jrobl

    (TEKNOGODS) How to get unbanned from ever server (everything resets) by paradoxyyy

    C# Hacking Tutorial (28 Min Video/Voice) by [MPGH]Jorndel

    (May be outdated) MW3 .NET External ESP In Depth Tutorial V2 by tylergott

    (May be outdated) Max config_mp graphics quality by Shckr57

    (May be outdated) How to change your FOV! (80) by IssoeDoido

    (May be outdated) How Edit classes with CheatEngine by neofiria

    VB.Net Hacking Tutorial (28 Min Video/Voice) by [MPGH]Jorndel

    (May be outdated) How to find the Force Host address by NightmareTX_RETIRED

    (May be outdated) How to hack your rank - Singleplayer/Survival by einar300

    (May be outdated) Change Title Text - Using Cheat Engine by [MPGH]Jorndel

    Modern Warfare 3 Source Code / Address Thread by lolbie

    (May be outdated) VB.Net | C# | C++ {Post your Codes/Snippets} by [MPGH]Jorndel

    (May be outdated) Offset Updated [The "Free" Version] by [MPGH]Jorndel

    C# Book Snippet (Jorndels C# Book) by [MPGH]Jorndel

    VB.NET Memory Class (Written by Jorndel) by [MPGH]Jorndel

    VB.NET Memory Module (by master131) by [MPGH]master131

    (May be outdated) Modern Warfare 3 Source Code - NoFlash (MP) by NightmareTX_RETIRED

    C# Memory Class (Writen by Jorndel) by [MPGH]Jorndel

    (May be outdated) No recoil - OllyDBG by [MPGH]master131

    [Texture Hacks]

    Hoe to make custom camos?? by rodrigogshgsh

    (Stated to be working for all versions) MW3 ChromatiX 2.2.1 [Texture Hack with Installer and Additional Features]- Steam/aIW by House

    (May be outdated) NEW MW3 Texture Hack ( Lite) FINAL UPDATE by TeamDarkness
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    @ @akim14 @Hunter maybe sticky?
    This is very clean and well put together, good job :P

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