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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunieh View Post
    It was so obvious.... You can clearly spot scammers.... MM's can't stop that, at least find some staffs who actually want to help the community remove scemmers for good
    If you have a problem with staff then post here Staff Disputes - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats - Hacks, Cheats, Downloads, Trainers, Games

    If not then stop the flame. Not my fault if someone gets scammed. And speak for yourself, who are you to say whether or not I care? If I didn't care I wouldn't contribute hours of my day every single day reading every single post in all three of my sections so congratulations on being ignorant.

    Quote Originally Posted by CombatArmsAccount View Post
    Why give the login to a kid that is gonna try and threaten me? He can have his NX back I still got it. But I ain't gonna deal with a kid that's gonna say he is gonna ddos me and shit.
    Quote Originally Posted by CombatArmsAccount View Post
    Still selling. The kid tried to threaten me so I am still selling the account guys.

    Refund his nex or this will get resolved in the scammers grave which may result in you getting banned. Thread Closed until you do so. @Caramilk2 if he doesn't refund post in the scammers grave and @Symmetrical will take care of it from there.
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    I understand a lot of people aren't to fond of me for being a cynical dickhead when I was a staff member but I would like to apologize for any wrong doing or hateful comments that came your way as a result of my ignorance, I've seen a lot of not so nice things said about me but I would just like you all to know that even during my ban duration (Roughly 2 in a half years for Excessive Trolling) I still frequently brought traffic to this site by word of mouth and making this website better has always been something that I'm passionate about. I think the information we find on this site should always be free and that's why I've always found this site to be more admirable then others for just that reason. I can't remember exactly but I recall resigning because another Minion was approving malicious content and I found it disgusting to even be associated with said person. I didn't resign because I think I'm better then anyone for that matter, or do I think I'm smarter. I was upset and used childish antics to verbally abuse others to get my point across which was wrong; and if you were one of the people affected I am truly sorry. I do not hate anyone, nor do I hold any grudges against anyone. If you would like to work out our differences or simply need help please message me as I would love nothing more.

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