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    Selling Captain 2nd Class


    Perm Guns:

    Pointman (f1): X95R, Corvus III Blaster, AKS-74U Fullmoon, Striker Kaliya, M870 May Queen, KBP PP-2000, Bergman MP18 (4), Kriss Super V Quicksilver, 10ga. Blue Horse, Spas Pioneer MP7A1 Bahamut, Spectre Tauben, K1A1 Skilled, M1A1 Thompson, Bizon Arachne, P90 Freedom, MP38/40 Red Dragon, AKS-74U Desmodus, AKS74U GoldSnake, BG Crusher, SG556 SnowCamo, Training MP5K. SR-3M, MP5A3, MP7A1, PDR Cyber Antenor, Galil MAR Raptor, K1A1 Rail, SR-2M Veresk Roswell

    Rifleman (f2): XCR Ignis, FG42 Coral, AK-47 Code Red, AK47 GoldSnake, AK-12, X-plorer Blaster, M14 Battleship, SA58 Para Wildflower (2), AK-47 Red Monkey, SG556 Platinum, M4A1.Bumblebee, Rx4 Medusa, K-2 Bighorn, M16 VN May Queen, MG4KE T-REX, AK-47 Miura, AK47 Nobility (2), G36 Hanami, M4A1 Freedom (2), AK-47, AK47 MK.3 Neon, RX4 '14 Xmas, AK-47 Hawkeye, M4A1 A.V.A 7th Anniversary, AK47 Glaucos, G3A3, AK-12 CXT, AMD-65 Phoenix, FN-F2000, M4A1 Bald Eagle, CZ805 SnowCamo, OTs-14 Groza, M4A1.MK3 Roswell, R4 Chester, Sidewinder, AK-107 Sweety, Sako RK.95, M4A1 Carpio, Pristis Burst, AK-47CBQ Ao, Training FN-F200

    Sniper (f3): Mosin-Nagant Steel Dragoon, Mosin Nagant Or Nouveau, FR-F2 Legend, M1903A1, FR-F2, FR-F2 Neon, Kar-98k Double Ten, PGM.338 Freedom, R93 May Queen, XM2010 ESR, DSR-1 Goldsnake, M24 Coral, ASW.338, L96A1 Human Warrior, SV98 SnowCamo, Mosin-Nagant Engraving, DSR-1, M24 Fleur-de-lys, M24 Assimilator, Mad Galil Anubis, Knut's M110, SVDM Cyber Dolon, TPG-1 Training Blaser R93, M24, Mosin Nagant Pioneer, HK417 Sniper, SVDM SE

    Secondaries: Vampire B. HK45 Tactical M92FS Red Line (3), Colt SAA Silvermoon, Raging Angelo, Beretta Barbatos, Python 357, Glock21c Sucess, Auto 9 Nose Art, Super Redhawk, SW1911, FMG9 Steppe, Dual Barbatos, Mk.23 Tempest

    Melee: LMS Silver Nunchuks, Rapier, lue Zonda Bat, Razor's Edge, Field Knife, Red Slasher, Bar of Punishment, Holy Mackerel, Roast Bronze Bat,

    Perm Grenade/Skins: Lamb Grenade, LMS Smoke Bomb II, M67 LASTMAN HUMANITY

    S14 Armor 80+ days

    As you can see I've put a lot of money into this account so I'd appreciate realistic offers only. I use paypal, if you have another method feel free to ask me. If you are truly interested I can screenshare via skype. Apologies, I tried uploading screenshots of the guns, but most were too large too post as an attachment so I can send you them directly but I dont know how else to post them since I rarely use this website.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails
    AVA_160516_231200_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231154_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231143_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231141_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231129_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231127_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231120_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_160516_231117_[ 0_ 0_ 0][0][]_00.jpg  

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    @MuthaFawka, you need to provide screenshots of all of the account's inventory (weapons, knives, etc). Please screenshot the missing weapons and knives in the screenshots above and their screenshots here. Also, you need to provide your contact information. Adding to that, you may want to provide a screenshot of the account's current rank as well, (make sure to censor its in-game name).

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    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.

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    bro add me skypehad.rahal iwill make offer for you

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    Add me on skype: SellingMyAccIsWork

    For proofs hit: Successful Sold Accounts: 33

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