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    How much is BF3 Premium selling for on here?

    How much is BF3 premium selling for around here? I have BF3 premium like lvl 30 something general prestige (after levels) and with like everything unlocked. Was wondering how much I could get for it lol. I'm guessing not much huh?
    Successful Trades/Sales/Purchases: 66+
    Notable Vouches:

    +1 Vouch for Optional (I went first no OMM)
    +1 Vouch for allegiance [+]
    +1 vouch I hate scammers (I went first no omm)
    +1 vouch TraderStatus (he went first no omm)

    +1 Vouch for Spifferson (Gave him free account)

    +5 Vouch for Communismo
    +5 Vouch for Mandigo17 (I went first)
    +1 Vouch for cf1221
    +1 Vouch for Jeovante
    +1 Vouch Poxer (I went first no omm)
    +1 Vouch for Drifts
    +2 Vouch for blaze2120
    +5 Vouch for iTwistoG (excellent buyer!)
    +1 Vouch for WarWood
    +5 Vouch for poxer again for multiple deals done with no OMM and high wager account/money.
    +1 vouch WumboKnight (very trustworthy bought his account no omm)
    +5 vouch for xWallee (Gave me free CS : GO account! <3)
    +1 Vouch HuynhPhi (He went first no OMM and got the account fast and hassle free!)

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