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    Rules & Guidelines

    The rules you will read is a summary of the original rules, Please make sure you read site rules.
    Link: MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats Rules

    General Rules

    - No advertising or quoting an advertisement.
    - No spamming or emote spam.
    - No disrespecting to any staff member.
    - No disrespecting MPGH.
    - No asking or begging for Hacks.
    - No bumping dead/1 month old threads.
    - No replying to threads with images (images without any on-topic text)
    - No creating threads in the wrong section.
    - No trolling.
    - No posting facebook pages or any social media sites without a valid reason.
    - No distribution of cheating/hacking material besides in thread as an approved attachment.

    Uploading Rules

    - No uploading files without including 2 virus scans when applicable. Use Virus and Jotti's malware scan!.
    - No uploading files without including a screenshot of the hack/file when applicable.
    - No posting of external download links, use the upload system instead.
    - No claiming a hack that you didn't make as your own.
    - No posting hacks with auto updaters without taking the permission from site Admin (Loaders). (PERM BAN)

    Rules will be enforced, Don't break any of them.
    Thank you.
    MPGH Staff.
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    Rules has been updated, make sure you read them.

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