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    How much would my AQW acc cost if i sold it?

    I'm planning on selling my account, how much would it cost?

    Alpha Omega (AC) - Rank 5
    Arachnomacer - Rank 5
    Chaos slayer Berserker - Rank 5
    DarkBlood Stormking - Rank 5
    Darkside (Rare) - Rank 5
    Dragon Shinobi (AC) - Rank 6
    Elemental Dracomancer - Rank 5
    Evolved Leprechaun (AC) - Rank 9
    Exalted Soul Cleaver (AC) - Rank 5
    Healer (Rare) - Rank 8
    Necromancer - Rank 10
    Oracle (AC) - Rank 5
    Pyromancer (AC) - Rank 5
    Royal BattleMage - Rank 6
    Warrior (Rare) - Rank 10

    Armors W/ 3 Juggs (Important Armors only EX: Rare & AC):
    Doom Madness of Chaos (AC)
    Doom Shadowscythe Mecha Suit (AC)
    Exalted Legion Champion (AC)
    Heavy Blader (AC)
    Night wyvern (AC)
    Ophidian Dragon Morph (AC)
    Red Dragon Destroyer (AC & Rare + 1% drop)
    Shadowscythe Canoneer (AC)
    Arcane of Nulgath
    Legion Archer
    Legion Judge
    Nulgath armor
    Undead Champion
    Undead Legend
    Warlord of Nulgath
    (More Armors in the Bank & Inventory)

    Weapons (Important Weapons only EX: Rare & AC):
    Shatter Glass Katana (Rare & AC + 1% drop)
    Ultra Switch Katana (Rare & AC + 1% drop)
    Dual Frozenpointe Katanas (Rare & AC + 1% drop)
    Dual Shatter Glass Katanas (Rare & AC + 1% drop)
    Twin Drake Cutters (AC)
    Corrupted Dragon Slayer
    Soul Eater Advanced
    Chaorrupted light of destiny (1% drop)
    Dual Ancient Legion Axes
    Dual Flaming Dragon Axes (Rare)
    SightBlinder Axes of Nulgath
    Undead Assasin Swords
    Zealith Reavers
    (More Weapons in the Bank & Inventory)

    Shadow Dragon Pet (AC & Rare)
    Sir Liest (AC)
    Tendurr (Mem & AC)
    Voltaire's Baby Black Unicorn (AC & Rare)

    Fortune Potion x5
    Daily Login Class Boost x23
    Doom XP Boost (1hr) x18
    Gold Boost (20 min) x23
    Rep Boost (20 min) x13
    XP Boost (1hr) x1
    XP Boost (20 min) x23

    Currently in the Legion.

    Sorry if this post was long but i needed to be more specific.
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    I recommend you remove the account name, as AE checks boards such as these for accounts to ban.
    I put the fun in funeral.
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