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    Borderlands 2 Cheat Compilation (Spawn Mod, Gold Chest, Drop Mod) [Hammerlock Update]

    A majority of these cheats were contributed from very talented hackers over at Cheat Engine.
    I have been maintaining them through the updates, making changes here and there and adding my own cheats as I have the time to make them.

    News and Updates:

    Another big update folks! I updated the table to work with the latest Steam release and DLC (Optional)!

    -Full Support for the new Hammerlock Hunt DLC!

    -Free Camera Mod added! You can now control the camera at will, fly it around and capture screenshots you could never get before!

    -Smasher Mod! With this, you can control how the smasher mod glitch/ability works. You can control the chance of it happening and the multiplier.

    -Raid Boss Unlocker and Enabler. With these you can farm the raid bosses non-stop. Simply shoot the boss to fight them and respawn them at will.

    -Quick and Easy Level Selector. Simply set the character level under [Character] and hit Recalculate EXP Points and your next kill will make you that level instantly.

    -The Slot Machine Fix now supports Torgue Slot Machines in the new DLC!

    -Support for the Torgue's Carnage DLC, Including Torgue Tokens

    -Included is a Blink cheat that will let you teleport to your last bullet position!

    -The Teleport scripts have been updated to let you warp to specific players and to warp all the players to you!

    -A new mod has been added that scales the loot items size based on their rarity as well as lets you pull all the loot in the area to you and delete them as you please! Farming and have a bunch of unwanted loot laying around? Now you can simply delete it!

    -A time scale modifier that lets you set the time/speed of the game without affecting your frames per second! Want to slow down or speed up the game? Now you can!

    -A cheat that lets you toggle enemy AI visibility to the player! Now you can walk around without being attacked and even attack them without them attacking back!

    -DLC Bosses Raid timer bypass. Now you can farm the DLC bosses all you want!

    -Third person mod. Lets you quickly switch to and from Third Person. Great for spectacular screen shots and a new way to play.

    -Spawn Mod updated for the Torgue Update

    Much much more!

    Hey folks! Yet another update for you guys. Thanks to mgr.inz.Player, the table is now more compact and easier to use! Also the Lua scripts are now automatically executed when the table loads. Make sure you load up the table after you load up Borderlands 2 so it detects the game. If not, go to File -> Open Process and then select your Borderlands2.exe process. I also added new cheats, updated some old ones and been making improvments here and there. Please note that all the multi-scripts may not be working yet but I am working on them.

    Also please, all I ask is that you don't distribute the file. As I update the file daily, any distributed files will become out dated quickly. You are welcome to either link to them here or to my Google Drive page to share the files that way. This way they will always have the latest, updated file on hand. Please note that the URLs for the cheat table have changed! Fear not, the old one will still work, but please make sure you update your links for the new versions.

    Here is the new Cheat Table layout:

    Screenshot of the Skill tree tables.

    Instructions for the Spawn Mod:
    - Spawn Manipulator and Varkid Replacer
    - Start CE.
    - Attach CE to BL2.
    - Execute the Lua script. (Ctrl+Alt+L)
    - Enable the Adult Varkid Spawn Mod Enabler in the cheat table under [Scripts] -> [Lua Script Enablers]
    - <INSERT> to find the dens in the current area.
    - <HOME> will reset the kill counts of all dens to 0.
    - <SCROLL LOCK> will max the kill counts of all dens at 255.
    - <PAGEUP> and <PAGEDOWN> will increase/decrease the amount can spawn from each den.
    - <PAGEUP> after you have reached the enemy limit will cause only 1 more spawn.
    - <END> will sieve through the dens found earlier and swap out the adult varkid for vermi.
    - <PAUSE BREAK> will reset all dens back to their original spawn counts and spawns
    - Kill off current varkid population.
    - When you see a larva, run (as all varkids, when they are unable to cause damage to a player,
    - will want to evolve). Wait for the adult pod to hatch, spawning the vermi. Also under at the
    - top of cheat cheat engine under [Table] is a Varkid_Swapper form that lets you manually set
    - what the Adult Varkid larva transform into from a list of dens in the area
    Instructions for the Teleport Mod:
    - Location Teleport Mod
    - How to use:
    - Start CE.
    - Attach CE to BL2.
    - Execute the Lua script. (Ctrl+Alt+L)
    - Enable the Teleport Mod Enabler in the cheat table under [Scripts] -> [Lua Script Enablers]
    - Press <Numpad 0> to Store Location
    - Press <Numpad .> to Load Location
    - Use the <Numpad Keys 1 - 6> to change the save slot
    -    By using the numpad keys, you can store up to 6 different
         save locations
    - Press <Numpad +> to warp all the players to your current location
    - Press <Numpad 7 - 9> to warp to a specific player
    -    Player 2 = Numpad 7
    -    Player 3 = Numpad 8
    -    Player 4 = Numpad 9
    - Coming Soon:
    - Saving the area location to quickly warp from one area to another
    Instructions for the Blink Mod:
    - Blink Mod
    - How to use:
    - Start CE.
    - Attach CE to BL2.
    - Execute the Lua script. (Ctrl+Alt+L)
    - Enable the Blink Mod Enabler in the cheat table under [Scripts] -> [Lua Script Enablers]
    - Fire a shot
    - Press <Q> or <F6> to teleport to your last bullet position
    -     This is either where the bullet hole is or where the bull drops off in the
          distance. Please note that elemental or multi-shot weapons may be buggy.
    Instructions for the Loot Control and Scalar Mod:
    - Loot Control and Scalar Mod
    - How to use:
    - Start CE.
    - Attach CE to BL2.
    - Execute the Lua script. (Ctrl+Alt+L)
    - Enable the Loot Control and Scalar Enabler in the cheat table under [Scripts] -> [Lua Script Enablers]
    - Press <Delete> to delete all loot from the area
    - Press <=> to delete all the non-rare loot from the area
    - Press <Print Screen> to teleport all the loot in the area to you
    - Sclar Mod:
    -     This sclar mod will scale the visual appearance of the loot on the ground
          based onr arity. Legendary (Orange) loot will appear large while Common,
          white loot will appear smaller.
    Videos showcasing the Cheat Tables courtesy of Llammahed!

    Borderlands 2 - Infinite Legendaries, Gold Keys, XP, Badass Points, Skill Points, Etc.

    Borderlands 2 - Enable 3rd Person View PC Tutorial

    Borderlands2 Blink -Courtesy of MgrInzPlayer

    Boss Unlocker and Evil Smasher Mod and Rarity Rate Mod for BL2 -Courtesy of MgrInzPlayer


    Enjoy! Also remember, if you like the table, hit the Thanks button.

    Remember, these are for my personal use and I am only making them public for the benefit of others. Feel free to report any bugs or problems and I will try to help the best I can. If you have problems with any of the Lua scripts, I included a custom debugger under the CE -> Table -> Debug which opens a debug form that displays information on the lua script. Please note that the Debug Log window needs to be able to be able to collect the debug messages. The logs contain detailed information on the spawn mod, item leveler and my lua scripts. Please provide any debug information when reporting a LUA script bug. Also remember, there's no guarantees the cheats will work on any other version than the latest Steam and Skidrow release.

    Ok folks, here's an update! The Drop Rate mod now includes drop rate modifiers for skins! You can now make most (Not all enemies at the moment) drop skins more often. These include vehicle and character skins. Simply set the skin drop rates to 10 under the Drop Rate Mod.

    Also included is a character swapper. Its still a work in progress and may spout out some errors in the debug window but its fully operational. What this mod does is let you swap out any enemy with another! The enemies you can spawn is anything that is possible to spawn in that area. For example, you can swap all the spawns so they spawn nothing but Jenkins to get that elusive challenge. I tried it and had dozens of them on the map at one time. This works for any spawn, not just Varkids!

    If possible, could a mod please update the attachment in the first post with this one? Thank you!
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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