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    A good reliable external disk drive

    Hey guys as you can see I'm looking for a good reliable external disk drive, mainly for when I'm going to be recording gameplay with fraps because
    1) If you record gameplay and save it on an external hard drive it decreases the amount of lag
    2) My new laptop I'm getting the external hard drive for only has 500gb and I know I'll have that used out with alot of my work for school and shi

    1) I live in the UK, so if you're gonna send a link make sure its on a Uk site and not an american one
    2) Price limit: The Maximum I'm going to be willing to pay is £100 which is about $150
    3) I'd prefer that if you post a hard drive for you to have used/experience with what you're talking about and how good the hard drive is
    as the last external hard disk drive I bought failed about 6 months (Luckily I will still able to recover all my files but had to pay £50 and the hard drive was fucked anyway)

    Many thanks bro and write away!
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    I'd go with a WD drive, I've had a WD 1tb ehdd but It got dropped and it broke, I've also had a 1tb seagate drive and that stopped working a few weeks after purchase (started to click)
    WD IMO is more reliable but very fragile

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