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    X2 64 4800+ with a GTX 560 non-ti?

    I've got both, yet I can't set it up till I get my new 700 watts PSU. I know from the bat I'll get bottle necked. But how bad? Can some one tell me before my PSU comes in?

    I had a generic chinese 350 watts PSU at first. Hooked it up with the GPU, and it almost fried. Played both BLR, and GTA 4 and it ran no better than my old GPU on low, nvidia geforce 210.

    My mobo is an old peace of shit that runs DDR2 but can run AM3 slots. So if you think I can't run MW2 under 30 fps, i was thinking of getting a phantom ii x2 b59 with a decent price
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    Jesus Christ that CPU is weak as hell, you're going to be bottlenecked to hell and back with that.
    The Phenom II X2 B59 is also incredibly weak. You're going to need a processor 2-3x as powerful to avoid bottlenecking.

    What's your price range?

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