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    MPGH News - 94th Edition

    94th Edition - February 15, 2016
    Happy Valentines Day!

    Happy Valentines Day from the News Force!
    Nothing really big has happened since the last news edition, but the News Force would like to say Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the MPGH community without any restrictions via Skype, you can apply to join the MPGH-1 Skype Chat here.
    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL) and/or the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group here and/or of the Official MPGH Realm of the Mad God Skype Group here.

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    @Cohen is now writing for Music News! Congrats!
    @TKD- is now writing for WTF News! Congrats!


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    Hot Threads:

    Australian Scientists Develop Bionic Spinal Cord
    Several researchers located in Australia have recently developed a new device that could potentially grant previously disabled persons the ability to walk once again. Said device is a small chip that would be approximately the size of a paperclip, and would have to be implanted in a blood vessel near the brain. The benefits of this device is that the surgery needed to implant this chip is very minimal, able to be put in within one day. This will cut the potential mortality rate, as well as lower the normally extremely expensive hospital bills for a procedure like this to a fraction of what it would be. A device like this works similar to an exoskeleton. It reads brain activity for electrical impulses telling certain muscles to move, and it forces them to react to the brain's commands. This amazing technology should make a normally life threatening surgical procedure much safer in the near future.


    German Trains Have Head-On Collision, Many Dead
    Recently, two trains in Bavaria, Germany were involved in a horrific head-on collision, killing as many as ten citizens, with over seventy left injured.

    These train collided on a single track, specifically on a very steep bend. Speculation has spread that the conductors were unable to see each other because of this bend, making it almost impossible to stop in time. The strangest problem with this is that the track was meant to only be used one-way on the day these trains collided, which implies that someone made a mistake in the routing of these trains.

    German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said "This is a difficult hour for the railways in Germany," describing the crash as "one of the biggest we have had for years."

    These dark times are shadowed even more, as officials are unable to provide a plausible reason for the discrepancy on the routing of these trains. Even more than that is the fact that these trains are meant to be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, for which both trains the system failed.

    It is possible that this was no accident, but nothing has been proven at this current time.


    Talented artist makes custom Undertale amiibo's

    Amazing Artist "Sara" on tumblr has made charters from the game undertale into unofficial amiibo's.
    Using her graphic design skills and 3D printer she has created an amazing piece's of work for all undertale fans to enjoy,
    unfortunately Undertale is a PC exclusive game so Nintendo fans wont be seeing official versions of these anytime soon.
    Sara has made an amiibo for all the main charters in the game, and posted them on her tumblr, Link:


    The 600-kph all electric speed demon!

    The VBB-3(Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3) is an all electric vehicle which is a combined project by students from Ohio State University and Venturi Automobiles and holds an impressive 3,000 horsepower which would equal to a top speed of 600 kph and sits at 11 meters long.

    The team behind this vehicle is suiting up for another run in the summer in an attempt to break the previous world record for the fastest battery-powered car which sits at 494kph.

    Although, this vehicle isn't just about breaking records says Biscaye, they detailed the goal was to develop new technologies.

    The technology developed by the team has already switched to Formula E which stands for the all electric race series.

    The project has received so much attention and achieved so much that even other automobile companies like NASA and Ford are benefiting and using this technology to work on batteries and the future.


    The bluetooth earphones that block out sound!

    Hush - smart earphones that differ from traditional looking earphones that feature silicone or foam. They are made of a white plastic casing with a choice of foam or rubber tops and lay flat in your ear for when you are resting.

    When you first hook up to Hush they work like normal high grade headphones. Which may seem off putting at first sight. But where the uniqueness is really shown is the bluetooth connection that it has to your device. The creators offer a companion app that allows the headphones to play sounds to help block out noise.

    At first glance of these headphones and their ability to play sound you could call these wireless headphones. But infact, they are not wireless headphones they are limited to just 15 sounds and each sound that is available only lasts just a few seconds. However, the companion app provided will download the sound to the headphones and repeat the sound continuously. This provides the ability for Hush to disconnect from your device and preserve battery life for the earphones which Hush says should last up to 7-8 hours long enough to get a good night's sleep!

    Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this product is the fact it does have to be charged. However it does provide a case for the headphones which also acts like a charger and holds an additional battery for those who love having a fully charged battery.

    All of this seems cool for a pair of headphones but it strikes with a unfriendly price of 150$


    Realm of the Mad God Section hack.

    This week's hack of the week showcases a RotMG section hack! Created by MPGH user @tmwilliamlin168 This hack features a predictive hit counter which will bring you to safety if the hit will account for 90+% of your RotMG character's health. This hack earned an astounding 174 downloads in just 3 days! We invite everyone to go and check it out for yourselves!

    Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats

    This week we are highlighting the Real of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats section, which is moderated by [MPGH]Raple and [MPGH]krazyshank. The section's name pretty much speaks for itself. It is the Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats section! Yes, MPGH has a section for such an awesome game! It has always been active, and by active, I mean filled up with plenty of hacking content as well as constituted by a very participative community! Trying a new game once in awhile has never hurt anyone so why don't you give it a shot and try it out? You will see that you will love the game and everything related to it. Enjoy!

    As we all should know, the hype for The Life Of Pablo (seventh studio album) from Kanye West has proven to be worth the wait.
    From Madison Square Garden to the rush, Kanye West has proven he knows music best.
    Kanye claims this album is a gospel album, and I can’t disagree with him. I’ve listened to the album close to 20 times all the way through already, and I must say it meets the criteria of any gospel album.
    The only thing that isn’t really gospel about this album would be the lewd references and the excessive cursing.
    Ye delivers on the gospel promise with excerpts of preachers on multiple songs from the album. When on SNL February 13th Kanye even had a gospel back up group.
    Not to mention he had a minor preaching sessions on Ultralight Beam live SNL.

    A lot of people were fed up with how much Kanye decided to change the album title, but I can’t get mad at him.
    So Help Me God would have been a very dope title as would SWISH, but the new title means a lot more than both of those names could have.
    The Life Of Pablo is talking about Kanye’s growth as an artist, a public figure, and a worker.
    There are 3 different Pablo’s Kanye West is referring to with the album title.
    The first more obvious Pablo would be Pablo Picasso. Kanye says he feels like Picasso when he’s working on the Yeezy Season shoes.
    He’s showing his creative talent through clothing and footwear, and he feels like the Cuban artist Picasso.
    The second Pablo would be Pablo Escobar. Obviously Kanye is not a mobster, and not even remotely close, but people knew Escobar and people know Kanye.
    There is a lot of power in the name Pablo Escobar and same with the name Kanye West. Kanye feels as if he has the power that names like Escobar carry.
    The final Pablo is a little harder to dig up. From lyrics off No More Parties In L.A. feat Kendric Lamar it can be assumed he is referring to a common Mexican/Cuban name for a worker.
    Kanye feels like an overwhelmed servant, which is what he is. He worked for years on the album, and obviously many people are going to hate it.
    He feels as if he’s working so hard for people to immediately hate what he was working on. Working so hard for little pay could be another analogy.

    The album was officially released at 1:00am on February 14th. You can buy the album from

    All of what was said above is purely my own perception of the album. (Granted I do know a good bit about Kanye West though).

    Lady Gaga will be making a tribute to the late David Bowie at this year’s Grammys with an experimental performance powered by the software company Intel. The musical director for the tribute will be Nile Rodgers, producer of Bowie’s album Let’s Dance (1983) also Daft Punk and Pharrell on ‘Random Access Memories’. The performance will be a reflection of who David was, not only as a musician, but his sense of fashion and endless creativity.
    Many other artists came to Ehrlich about participating in the tribute, but he said he decided to go with Gaga – whose music and style were influenced by Bowie.
    Both Gaga and Bowie have used the stage and their bodies to express themselves and many messages in their music. To further propel her Grammy performance to honour one of her greatest heroes, Gaga will have the support of Intel to bring her performance to life.
    Gaga joins previously announced performers, James Bay, Adele, Andra Day, Ellie Goulding, Tori Kelly, Sam Hunt, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Little Big Town and Carrie Underwood.

    It's Just a Prank Bro!
    A man named Joshua James is being charged with throwing a live alligator at one of his friends to prank him at a Wendy's restaurant that he was working at. Allegedly Joshua had found the animal on the side of a road and managed to get it in the back of his truck without to much of a hassle and then drove all the way to the popular fast food restaurant "Wendy's". He drove here with the intention to prank his friend who happens to be an employee at the establishment. He then proceeded to manage to throw the alligator into the restaurant. Who knows what he was thinking about at the time or why he thought it would be funny. This incident happened in October of 2015 but Joshua was just recently taken into custody for his action that day. His mother's statement was that, "It was just a prank gone way too far." In the end he will be paying for his stupidity.

    Sources: http://www****

    Interview - [MPGH]Raple

    [MPGH]Shadow: Hi Raple.

    [MPGH]Raple: Hello Shadow.

    [MPGH]Shadow: How are you doing?

    [MPGH]Raple: I'm doing great, yourself?

    [MPGH]Shadow: I’m good

    [MPGH]Shadow: So, how did you find MPGH?

    [MPGH]Raple: Well, back in 2012 I used to be super into Runescape Private servers, but mostly for the huge forums that big servers had to offer. I grew tired of them, however, and decided to get into another game. That game was RotMG, and I loved it at the time. Eventually I wanted to see if hacking it was a possibility, which lead me to MPGH. I stuck around after I saw how active it was, and now I'm here.

    [MPGH]Shadow: Wow, I didn’t know you were into runescape private servers!

    [MPGH]Shadow: Who was the very first person that you met on mpgh that you still talk to today?

    [MPGH]Raple: Well, that would probably have to be Egoraptor, though some know him as Misery. Even though we didn't talk much in the beginning, we eventually got really into contact when we exchanged Skype's and have been friends since.

    [MPGH]Shadow: That's interesting, i’m assuming both of you were staff at the same as each other at some point.

    [MPGH]Shadow: So what sections do you currently moderate?

    [MPGH]Raple: I currently moderate Realm of the Mad God, which is ironic considering it was the first section I ever posted in. I also moderate Minecraft alongside the Moderator NormenJaydenFBI. Me and him are also very good friends, and we get along well.I'm hoping to branch out and maybe try to get another section soon.

    [MPGH]Shadow: That's good, keep up the good work hopefully you’ll receive a promotion very soon.

    [MPGH]Shadow: I’ve got an interesting question for you. What motivates you to moderate sections?

    [MPGH]Raple: It is simply because MPGH has become my home, in a sense. I've been around for years now, so my roots have grown deep. I just want to do as much as I can for the community I am a part of.

    [MPGH]Shadow: I can totally relate to that.

    [MPGH]Shadow: So apart from MPGH, what extracurricular activities do you do?

    [MPGH]Raple: I'm currently involved in a few clubs, such as computer club. Other than that, I just try to get through school. Sports were never really my interest, though I played for many years when I was younger.

    [MPGH]Shadow: That's very good, being involved in clubs probably helps you pass time.

    [MPGH]Shadow: What are your plans after high school?

    [MPGH]Raple: My main plan is to go to college and get a degree in computer sciences, and possibly minor in business as well.

    [MPGH]Shadow: Business is an interesting choice.

    [MPGH]Shadow: Where do you see yourself in a year on MPGH?

    [MPGH]Raple: I would hopefully like to be a minion+ or mod by then, but who knows.

    [MPGH]Shadow: That's a good goal you have set there for yourself.

    [MPGH]Shadow: Last question for you, who would you consider your favourite person on mpgh?

    [MPGH]Raple: It'd have to be muh boy @Jubs because he's CRAAAAZY irl.

    [MPGH]Shadow: Hahahaha, thank you Raple for taking the time to give this interview.

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    hello im temmie and welcom to temshop.

    good news/10, my first week.
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    I love ya man the real dank God
    luv u 2 bb

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    Loving working on the news force already, hoping I help to make help make the news for a long time to come.

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    Great job NewsForce!
    Want to sell with Hova? Contact me on Skype!
    Skype: magnihova
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    Always verify you are trading with me by requesting me to message you on MPGH first.

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    Always look forward to the news, especially the interviews.

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    Thanks for news !

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    enjoyed reading, thank you guys
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    Thanks for making this since I don't really read newspapers.. :P and they usually don't have stuff in their that interests me.

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    Dang I made a typo. The album was released at 1am on Feb 15th not 14th.

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    Raple is the meme lord.
    Predator needs to change his name back.
    RIP my nigga Lift.

    The day has come, and the Raple4Mod movement has ended in good light :')

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    Kanye is now trash.

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    Great as always!
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    great news force work !

    - Molot -

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    lol how did my hack get so popular...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmwilliamlin168 View Post
    lol how did my hack get so popular...
    Raple is the minion of rotmg section ad he's the one who suggested it to the person who writes hack of the week I believe

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