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    MPGH News - 116th Edition

    116th Edition - August 22nd, 2016
    This Week in History: 1864 - International Red Cross founded

    Premium Seller Giveaway
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    Hot Threads:

    Child Bomber Blamed for Death of 51 at Turkish Wedding
    A child suicide bomber has been blamed for the death of 51 in a Turkish Wedding in Gaziantep. The Blast killed 51 and left another 69 Injured including 17 people who were Heavily Injured. The Islamic State is said to be responsible for the attacks but no one could expect the fact they would use a child for their dirty work. The Suicide Bomber was reported to have an age of between 12 to 14. A Wedding guest said that the Celebrations were coming to an end until there was a big explosion among the people dancing. "There was Blood and Body Parts everywhere" was the words of a wedding guest. Pray for Turkey and stay safe guys.

    Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte threatens to leave the UN after being criticized
    Earlier this year, Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte angrily stated he would find users involved with drug trading and trafficking and sentence them to death on the spot. In addition, he and encouraged citizens and police kill anyone who had involvement in illegal drugs. Since Duterte has been elected in May, 900 suspected drug traffickers have been killed. Last week, two UN human rights experts condemned the acts of the president's decision to welcome the public and police to kill drug traffickers, and stated the acts of the president are an "incitement to violence and killing, and a crime under international law." In an expletive tangent against the UN this weekend, the Philippines' president called the experts "stupid" and said they should count the amount of lives that were lost due to drug trafficking. "I do not want to insult you. But maybe we'll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations," Duterte said. Duterte had previously been the mayor in the third largest city in the country, Davao. For his tough, rough, and unforgiving attitude, his tenure as mayor had given him the nickname of "The Punisher."


    New CRISPR Technology Can Change the World Forever
    CRISPR is a genome editing tool. This means it can change your DNA and genes. This may sound mundane, but it has vast implications. Imagine if you had the ability to change your hair color, muscle build, or intellectual level on command.

    How does it work? CRISPR runs off of one simple ingredient called cas9. Cas9 is an enzyme that can "correct" DNA. If you give it some DNA, it'll replicate it in any place you want it to. So, if you have a deadly disease passed down from your parents that only functions in a few places in your genome, cas9 can replace those parts of your genome, and thus cure the disease.

    You may be thinking this is science fiction, but it has already been put to use. Years ago, corn was half as sweet, and tomatoes now have twice as long of a shelf life and taste much fresher after being stored. Using its power on common food isn't as good as it gets. CRISPR can be used to cure disease. A recent test where scientists placed a cas9 enzyme in to an HIV-infected mouse showed that it was possible to cure as dangerous of a virus as HIV.

    It doesn't stop there. CRISPR can go as far as to edit our own human features. If you place the cas9 enzyme in to an embryo, you can change anything. Scientists call this a "designer baby". If you're going to make your child immune to AIDS, why not throw in full hair? How about perfect eyesight? In fact, some people even believe this powerful tool can completely halt aging.

    So, all in all, CRISPR is no doubt revolutionary. It has the potential to change not only the field of genetic engineering, but the whole world as we know it.

    Source 1
    Source 2

    New Lithium Metal Tech Batteries
    Almost all the tech we see today wants to push the field in directions we have never seen before. Every single piece of technology requires energy in some way and most of the time its electricity. Batteries have been both a plus and a negativity for technology in ages. A battery can store a lot of power tend to usually be big and batteries that are small can only hold so much. There hasn't been the right one yet, a battery that is small and can hold a lot of power.

    This can all change with recent developments led by SolarEnergy Systems. The company's main goal is to double battery life while keeping the size down. They will also focus on developing smaller batteries with the power of large batteries. They plan on using a new metal type that will not only be lighter but will also have the capabilities of holding in more energy. The company plans on developing smart phone batteries and move onto automobiles next.


    Blonde - Frank Ocean
    It's finally here guys. Frank Ocean has finally released his second studio album formerly known as "Boys Don't Cry" but released as "Blonde". To start off I want to say that the albums title "Blonde" is to represent female and the title on the cover of the album "blond" is to represent male. Frank used the title and the cover of his album to portray his sexuality, as Frank Ocean is bisexual. Early August Frank Ocean hosted a live stream on Apple Music showing a warehouse. I won't go into much detail about the stream because this is a "Blonde" album review, but for some back story; Frank built a spiral endless staircase over the course of a 2 week period. At the end of the live stream (August 19th) Frank released a visual album titled "Endless". It's a 46 minute visual album, meaning basically a 46 minute music video where in the video Frank condensed the 2 week live stream into 46 minutes. That's enough of the background so back to the album. What's incredible about "Blonde" is that it's not the usual R&B/Soul/Pop. The beats are very simple in a good way. It's almost as if Frank has cut out any unnecessary production noises and focused on the raw content. Where "Endless" sounded as if the songs were ending too abruptly and he was experimenting with different sounds, "Blonde" sounds like Frank focused on flow. To continue the nostalgia train Frank has always been on, he created two albums basically as a "side a/side b" type of deal. Something that really caught my attention was the beat transition on the song "Nights". The song begins with forceful guitar strums and slowly fades into a slow jazz type beat. The transition begins with melodic beeping then joined by what can only be described as electronic noise. The noise stops and we hear rapid beeping of what can be similarly compared to an ended Apple iPhone call, a turn table style drop and a fresh new beat. The first song on the album titled "Nikes" is the album single. Frank also released a music video for this song on Apple Music. It's interesting and very weird. Throughout the video Frank definitely shows his more feminine side. I would recommend to play the album all the way through more than once before judgement. "Blonde" is a very vibey album, and exactly what we expected from Frank Ocean. We've waited 4 years for this album, and it's finally here.
    You can buy this album on iTunes, here.
    I give this album a 9 / 10. I wouldn't have wanted more from Frank.

    YG - FDT (feat. G-Eazy & Macklemore)
    YG, Macklemore and G-Eazy spread their righteous anti-Trump message in the stark, black-and-white clip for "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Part 2". On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, the trio dropped a video aimed at the most controversial Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. All of the three rappers appear in varying states of rage as all three of them wave an American flag, hurl out insults about Trump, and raise those proud middle fingers high. The video blends footage and images from anti-trump protesters/supporters mouthing the song's defiant hook. Although the video includes some tense moments form those anti-Trump rallies, the tone of the video remains lighthearted, with shots of protesters break-dancing in ridiculous Trump masks and suits, also a heartwarming final sense featuring a huge crowd singing "Fuck Donald Trump" in unison. Young Gerald, also known as G-Eazy, raps "This man's not peaceful/ Racism's evil/ This man hates Muslims, that's a billion fucking people." Macklemore uses patriotism to address Trump. "I'm a patriot," he raps, "i'ma stay right here/ I ain't livin' in fear/ With my people who are Muslims, Mexicans, and queer/ And we ain't gonna let you fuck up four years." Along with the video, YG has also announced his "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Tour" featuring special guests RJ, Kamaiyah, and Sad Boy. The tour is set to launch September 18th in San Diego, California. The 52-city tour is set to run through North America until December 4th, where it ends in Tempe, Arizona. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 19, 2016 at 10am.

    If you want to see the tour dates for the tour click here.
    If you want to listen to "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Part 2 on Soundcloud, click here.

    Sweet retribution in the middle of the Octagon
    We were all there to witness the downfall of "the king" Connor McGregor. It was one of the most unexpected upsets in modern UFC history, and we all knew as soon as it was announced that Diaz was the winner, that there was going to be a round 2. What we didn't know was who was going to come out the victor. Sure enough, come Saturday night, Connor McGregor emerged the victor as a result of majority decision.It took 5 hard fought rounds, but at the end the judges scored it 48-47 McGregor, 47-47, 48-47 McGregor. However, it was such a good fight, I am not sure any of us were satisfied at the end, truly a UFC classic. McGregor also stated that he would be interested in a 3rd round to decide once and for all. Diaz also stated that he definitely wanted to settle the score, here is what he had to say: "I came to this fight worse off than last time. I didn't get to train. I had injuries. F--k that," Diaz revealed. "I didn't make any excuses, but he should've finished me off. I want number three. I gave him number two the second day, so I'm ready to go again. F--k that. "Good job today, Conor, but we going for three," Diaz noted. "For real." McGregor also had some less serious words to say after the match, "Surprise, surprise, motherf--ker. The king is back," he said to UFC commentator Joe Rogan. One thing is for certain, we will all be waiting for the end of this "Clash of the Titans"


    Original Winnie-the-Pooh Doll Restored

    The New York Public Library has just placed the original Winnie-the-Pooh dolls back on view, after nearly a year of conservation. This one of a kind Winnie-the-Pooh is 95 years old. The rest of Pooh’s crew soon followed, including, of course, Eeyore, Kanga, Piglet, and Tigger—with both Christopher Robin and his growing toy collection immortalized in Milne’s beloved children’s book series. The library has been careful to keep the dolls’ appearances as close as possible to how they looked after leaving the Milne family, in the aim of remaining true to their history.


    A night to remember at Rio 2016

    The Rio 2016 closing ceremony was a day to remember for Brazil and the whole world! With thousands of fireworks and hundreds of dancers, the ceremony was more of a show then a ceremony. Colors were seen throughout the city, with fireworks being sent up in the air and astonishing light work . Over 10,000 fireworks where used in the ceremony and not to mention all the lighting effects that were also used. The ceremony ended being a spectacular show filled with dancers, artists, athletes, and the 70,000+ people who attended.

    Crossfire Hacks & Cheats
    A dear MPGH member, @<a href="" target="_blank">RedHunter</a> created a nicely well made hack for Crossfire!
    This hack is very easy to use. But always be cautious while using you don't wanna get banned. The features are: Wallhack, Glasswall, Crosshair, WireFrame, FullBright, Point Mode, and No-Fog. It's a great hack that has quite a features to use. Once again it is easy to use, and a very easy installation too. Have fun using this hack!


    Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats

    This week we are featuring the Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats section, which is currently not moderated.
    Combat Arms is a first-person shooters (FPS) game, that is free and a multiplayer game. If you are a lover of FPS games and have a low-end computer, this is the game for you.
    This section provides the necessary hacks to give you the upper hand whilst playing this game. The hacks released contain wall hack, full bright, crosshair, chams, wire frame, black wall, no fog, aimbot, telekill, and much more!
    MPGH is looking for a Minion to moderate this section. If you love this game, section, and forum, I suggest you to apply for Minion (if you meet the requirements!)

    Combat Arms System Requirements

    Combat Arms game-play from 2015

    Naked Trump Statue magically appears in New York Park

    Imagine waking up on a nice Saturday morning, and deciding to take a nice stroll in New York City Park, only to find a life-sized, nude statue of the Republican Party Nominee, Donald Trump. This was the case for many onlookers, who discovered the statue Saturday morning. A collective art group takes credit for the statue, naming it "The Emperor has no Balls" Many copies of the art have appeared across 4 notable locations in the USA, and news spread like wildfire. Ina Cope, a 58-year-old said this:"It was crazy: I was coming off the train, minding my own business, and there it was." Although Trump and his supporters may not agree, it is a "magnificent" work of art.

    Thievery in Oklahoma

    It's Election Season, and political fever is running high, and no political figure wants to be caught doing anything too bad. As such it raised quite the alarm when on Thursday Night, 2 criminals were caught not only rummaging through an Oklahoma senator's office, as well as destroying a 2nd floor bathroom. The identity of these "masked" intruders? Raccoons. That's right, racoons were responsible for the disturbance. Although no one is sure how they got in; Patrol Capt. John Paul joked: "They didn't have any ID on them, no known address." Not to fear though, the racoons were taken to a wildlife sanctuary south of Oklahoma City, so they have plenty of time to think long, and hard about their actions.

    Interview- [MPGH]High


    [MPGH] Nyaro: Hey Mike, thanks for taking the time to do an interview for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    [MPGH] High: It was great man. Thanks for asking. How about you?

    [MPGH] Nyaro: Nice to hear. I could be doing better. I'm sick. Thanks for asking. Has anything exciting happened to you lately?

    [MPGH] High: A lot of exciting things have happened lately, I'm working 2 jobs, one at an amusement park and one at a pizza place called Pizza Ranch. I'm busy doing design work for a college at the moment as well through an apprenticeship through my business department of my high school.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: Congratulations on your 2 jobs. Pretty sure it's hard work but hey, money is money. Can you tell us how you joined MPGH and what made you stay?

    [MPGH] High: I joined MPGH like 4 years ago just to use RotMG hacks. Then about 3 years almost or something like that I made an account and started to post and become a legitimate active contributing member and I stayed for the cool people mostly.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: I joined for RotMG hacks as well. What is your favorite section at MPGH?

    [MPGH] High: I don't really have a favorite section.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: If you would have to pick a section, which one would it be and why?

    [MPGH] High: Probably RotMG, and because it's what I came here for.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: As you've might noticed, RotMG was taken over by "Deca Games" a few months ago. How do you feel about that?

    [MPGH] High: I think they're doing a crappy job. They're just giving away free packs to win people over. Not only that but they still haven't released any actual new features or content whatsoever, besides the new ninja skin.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: I kinda feel the same. You're part of the Cocksucker members. How is it to be a part of them?

    [MPGH] High: Absolutely horrible. But I get it removed tomorrow so

    MPGH] Nyaro: Oh that sounds great. To be honest I don't know why some people are begging for CS. It's a horrible rank. So tell us, if you could change something at MPGH, what would it be?

    [MPGH] High: I would get rid of all the plebs, and bring back official MM who do trades.

    [MPGH] Nyaro: Yea I would also bring back the MM system, unfortunately the interview is coming to a end. Is there anyone you like to give a shout-out to?

    [MPGH] High: My best friend forever @<a href="" target="_blank">Arrow</a>

    [MPGH] Nyaro: Alright! It was a pleasure to interview you. Have a good day!

    [MPGH] High: You too Nyaro.

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    I love the tech news and the sports news this time!
    The UFC fight certainly helped but all important information is so on point, good job Team Hova

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    I love how I can get my news here while looking for the gwatest minecwaft hacks

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    Group disbanded in July.
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