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    MPGH News - 124th Edition

    124th Edition - October 17th, 2016
    This Week in History: Yeager breaks sound barrier
    U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager becomes the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound. (1947)

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW), Pokemon Go, Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA), or the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group, Adventure Quest Worlds Skype Group, Pokemon Go Skype Group, Alliance of Valiant Arms Skype Group, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype Group.
    - The Publicists have opened up a Minecraft server for all of MPGH to join. This is a faction server, using the version 1.8 and no hacking whatsoever. If you are interested in joining, please visit this link for more information.
    - MPGHCraft is looking for some server staff to promote and help keep the server going. If you would like to join the team, please visit this thread and PM Flengo with your experiences and why you should be selected for this position!
    - MPGH is designing a T-Shirt as merchandise. Please visit here to help select which shirt design is the best.
    - The News Force is hosting a Signature of the Month contest. Please visit here to submit a signature for the theme, sports. The winner will receive $10, courtesy of Dynasty!
    - The Publicist team are hosting a Quippie Contest. The winner will receive Premium Member! To join visit here.

    • @Ethereal won the Space themed Signature of the Month!

    Abuse of the Week:


    If you are interested in obtaining a premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Premium Member has!


    If would you like to donate for the Publicists Team, then please check this thread.



    Signature of the Month:
    The winner of the October Space Themed Signature of the Month is @Ethereal. We will be featuring his signature for the next few editions to inspire others to participate.


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    None this week
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    (Market Place & News Force)
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    (League of Legends Hacks & Cheats)
    (Market Place)
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    (Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats)
    (Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats and MapleStory Hacks & Cheats)
    (Blackshot Hacks & Cheats and Other First Person Shooters Hacks)
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    (Pokemon Go Hacks, Cheats & Bots)

    Game Hacking

    Official Middlemen



    Hot Threads:

    US Athlete Tyson Gay's 15 Year Old Daughter shot dead.
    The 15 Year Old daughter of Olympic Sprinter Tyson Gay has been shot dead in Lexington, Kentucky, the athlete's agent said. Trinity Gay was shot during an exchange of gunfire inside a restaurant car park. The teenager was taken to hospital, where they pronounced her as dead. Mr Gay told a Local TV Station that "she didn't make it". "I'm so confused. She was just here last week for fall break. It's so crazy I have no idea what happened." Witnesses said that the shots were fired by two people in two vehicles - a grey Dodge Charger and a dark-colored sports car with tinted windows. Police officers located the Dodge Charger and detained "two possible people of interest" for questioning.

    UK admits it spies illegally, and it will not stop
    After a year of legal struggle, the UK's investigatory Powers Tribunal has issued a statement in which they have admitted to spying illegally on its citizens. The illegal spying company, GCHQ, which was first revealed by NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, has been revealed as tapping into the internet cables and building a detailed database over the information received with little to no legal insight. The statement has a good side and the bad side. The bad news is that from 1998 to 2015, GCHQ was illegally monitoring the data of citizens and breaking the laws of human rights. The good news is that, once Edward Snowden revealed the data, the spying company has been changed to include more disclosure on the underlying policies. With this, the spying has been rendered legal, although still quite frowned upon as it still means spying on individuals will continue under legal presence.

    Almost a decade after Morrorwind was released a group of fans are voluntary working on a project called Skywind and Skyblivion. They started working on Skywind in 2012 and in 2014 they revealed the project Skyblivion. Since the team that is working on this projects is relatively small, they are going at a slow pace and it will take a while before either project is released. They have released new trailers for both projects however they haven't said anything about a release date but the fans would rather have a project that is complete then a project that will make the experience terrible. So if it takes a while for the game to be done then we the fans are willing to wait it out. We don't know which is going to be released first the new Elder Scrolls game or this project but we do hope both are as good as the hype is making it seem they are.

    Return of the Titan
    Popular gaming franchise, Nintendo has announced that a new gaming console, dubbed the Nintendo NX will be released in March of 2017. There is very much hope for this console, and many people theorize that with this conciliar, Nintendo will dominate the gaming industry much as it did with the release of its older consoles, such as the Nintendo 64, or GameCube around 15 years ago. The new Nintendo console will support 4K gaming, as well as allow for users to stream from Netflix and others. The console is scheduled to come out around the same time as the new Zelda Game. Another handheld console is rumored to come out around the same time as well. I personally, have high hopes for Nintendo going into 2017.


    Who would have thought that the president also known as the chief executive would be interested in science! In his final few months as the President, Obama has used his power to increase the commission for technology research. He said the reason he decided to follow through with this plan is because he believes that the future is technology and the wants to help further improve the speed at with technology is helping and improving the daily lives of humans. So on Thursday he announced that he will be giving a whooping $300 million dollars to Science and Technology. In today's world where we have pushed the limits to the human body, the future is all about improving with out minds and technology and it's good to see that the Commander in Chief can also see it that way. However, sometimes I do wonder to, what extend will technology change our lives and if that change will impact out lives for the better or for the worse?


    The Weeknd - False Alarm
    To build up the already anticipated Weeknd album, Abel has released 2 music videos for the two singles released so far on his anticipated album. This music video can be compared to Logic's "Under Pressure" video. Aside from the video, I wasn't very impressed with this song. The hook isn't favorable at all. It's almost like screeching over a catchy beat. Maybe this is the new age sound The Weeknd is going for? who knows. Comparable to Starboy, the beat sounds as if it was made by Daft Punk as well. Fast drums and a high tempo make this song catchy and fun. It's nice to hear that this song still has the great Weeknd features we all love, and I have high expectations for this upcoming album. Back to the video; A girl is kidnapped from a bank during a highly lethal heist held by The Weeknd himself. At the end of the video The Weeknd reveals the ever so prevalent cross necklace he was wearing in the starboy cover and music video and then he kills himself. Definitely an intriguing video.
    I give this song/visual a 7 / 10.

    Gucci Mane - WOPTOBER
    Gucci Mane's Woptober has dropped early, and it is completely free! The Atlanta rapper's new album was set to release on October 17, 2016, but Gucci Mane simply couldn't wait that long. Leading up to the release, Gucci Mane has rolled out a handful of singles from the project, from the Young Dolph-assisted "Bling Blaww Burr" the poolside visuals for his Rick Ross collab "Money Machine" and most recently, the Zaytoven- produced "Icy Lil Bitch."Gucci Mane went to twitter and explained why he released the album earlier than the original date, he said "he wanted to show fans I appreciate them." On first scan, it feels like one that won't disappoint the fans in question. It covers a broad swath of things Gucci Mane does well, with the bulk of production duties handled by Metro, Zaytroven, and London on da track. The 13-track set, which features collabs with Travis Scott, Young Dolph and Rick Ross. Woptober is Gucci Mane's second post-jail release following Everybody Looking.
    You can stream the Woptober album here.
    If you want to download the full album on iTunes click here.

    Dak Prescott already making NFL history.
    Backup Rookie QB for the Dallas Cowboys (5-1) Dak Prescott has just written his name in the NFL record book. On Sunday, Prescott extended his career passes to 163 with none of them being intercepted. The previous person who held this record of having the greatest number of passes without an interception from the first pass of their career? The notorious Tom Brady. Tony Romo is expected to be healthy to play again when the Cowboys play the Cleveland Browns on Nov 6th. The question is, will he be the starter? Dak Prescott has led his team to a great start, with 7 touchdowns and over 1,200 yards already. If he keeps this pace going, do the Cowboys dare to take him out and put an injury prone Romo back in? I guess there's only one way to find out.

    Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios suspended for tank job at Shanghai Masters

    The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) suspended the Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios for "Conduct Contrary to the Integrity of the Game" for the rest of year. Kyrgois told the reporters after his defeat in Shanghai Masters : "I don't owe fans anything... If you don’t like it, I didn’t ask you to come watch". The Australian player felt how rude he was by saying those words, and so he decided to apologize for his fans, "Following the ATP’s decision today I would like to take this opportunity to apologize again for the circumstances in Shanghai" Kyrgios posted on his Official Facebook page on Monday. He also apologized for the tournaments organizers in Shanghai. Kyrgios received an additional fee of $25,000 for what he did. The suspension will start from Monday 17 October, 2016, through to Sunday 15 January, 2017. However, the suspension can be reduced if Kyrgios enters a plan of care under a sports psychologist. Kyrgios admitted that fans are important and they motivate the players to achieve success, "Their energy is what motivates me to reach for the top of the game. I regret that my year is ending this way and that I will not have a chance to continue chasing the ATP Finals." Nick Kyrgios said.

    Tania Bruguera announced to the art world and reset of the world that she will be running for 2018 presidency of Cuba. We found out about this during Hans Ulrich Obrist's keynote address. Hans was talking about how today's politics was all filled with lies and corruption and then he went on to talk about his own personal experience in politics. During the speech he said how he remembers Eileen Myles when she first ran for presidency in her apartment and goes on to say how inspired was because of Myles. Hans then revels a Skype video of Tania Bruguera announcing to the world about her running for presidency in 2018 for Cuba. Tania later had a phone call with "The New York Times" and clarified that this is not some sort of publicity stunt and that she is an actual candidate for president in 2018. We look forward to seeing Tania Bruguera run for president and hear about her policies.


    Realm of the Mad God Hacks and Cheats
    This week @ReySharlLel updated the Orape Client for RotMG. This hacked client for Realm of the Mad GOd is extremely simple to use as always. Press O to open up your game and hack options and tweak your settings and hacks from there! But always be cautious while using you don't wanna get banned. There are many hacks and game options in this hacked client! Please go check the rest of them out in the thread! My favorite hack/ mod is fullscreen, allowing the user to see more on the client. I will definitely be using this hacked client this week! And I suggest that you should try it out as well. So as always, it's easy to use, and as well a very easy installation as well so no need to worry about that! Have fun using this hack!

    CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks

    This week we are featuring the CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks section, which is currently moderated by [MPGH]Hunter, [MPGH]Smoke, and [MPGH]NormenJaydenFBI.
    CS:GO is a first-person shooter (FPS) game, with features of weapon skins and the newly added graffiti's. For those who have never played this game before, I recommend you to purchase it immediately as it only costs $15USD on Steam (and is subject to drop dramatically during Steam sales)
    This is the first Valve game that provides the option to get better looking weapons where an economy fluctuates around the sphere of the game. The newly added graffiti's allow for users to go in the game and spray paint around maps, making it look fancy.
    The CS:GO section provides the following hacks: wall hack, aimbot, triggerbot, bunnyhop, anti-flash, radar hack, and skin changer!
    The section also has a community Skype group and if you'd like to join it, visit here to apply!

    Image Source

    Dude wrecks $6,000 of TVs in 3 seconds.
    A man in St Austell, southwest England went into an electronic store on September 29th. While looking at a TV, he put too much pressure on it, which caused it to fall backwards in a domino effect crashing another TV in the process. The man stands up in shock hitting the TV behind him creating another domino effect and crashing another TV. After the damage was done he had destroyed 4 TVs totaling up to $6,000.

    Wife Carrying!
    Wife carrying is an annual event where you... Well carry your wife. This years wife carrying contest took place at a ski resort in Newry, Maine. 44 couples took place in the event, where the man had to carry their wife through a 278-yard course. The winner with the fastest time received the woman’s weight in beer and an amount of cash equal to five times her weight.

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    Great edition. That gif of the guy knocking over the TVs just amped my anxiety.

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    Sick memer am i rite?

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    good, dank memes as usual
    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post
    I love ya man the real dank God
    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Trump Protesters
    "rip the stocks, ur munny is goner" - "ww3 is coming america!!1 trump is the new hitler" - "TOTALLY UNFAIR RIGGED FACISM" - "fuck this im moving to cana... FUCK THE IMMIGRATION SITE IS DOWN!"
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    Great edition guys, thanks eternity for covering for me this week!
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    Good job News Force!

    Everyone has definitely improved


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    Did you refresh the thread and see my comment? No way you replied that quickly

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    Good job as always!

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    Good news mentioned 3 times
    wdym ?
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    I like this idea, never seen one so detailed before, Rip TVs.

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    Good news but I'm just concerned with that guy that broke those tvs lol
    If I helped you with anything, giving me Thanks and Reputation would be awesome!

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    RIP that guy with the TVs.. Is it just me or are some titles missing?

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