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    MPGH News - 125th Edition

    125th Edition - October 24th, 2016

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW), Pokemon Go, Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA), or the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group, Adventure Quest Worlds Skype Group, Pokemon Go Skype Group, Alliance of Valiant Arms Skype Group, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype Group.
    - MPGH is designing a T-Shirt as merchandise. Please visit here to help select which shirt design is the best.
    - The News Force is hosting a Signature of the Month contest. Please visit here to submit a signature for the theme, sports. The winner will receive $10, courtesy of Dynasty!
    - Liz has opened up another batch of Minion applications! If you are interested in joining the staff team and meet the requirements, please visit here to find the section you want to apply for!

    • @Paralyze came first in the Quippie Contest!
    • @Ameer came second in the Quippie Contest!
    • @Vader is now a Gaming News writer!
    • @Lightning is now a Technology News writer!
    • @Luis is now a Interview writer!

    Abuse of the Week:
    None this week

    None this week

    If you are interested in obtaining a premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Premium Member has!


    If would you like to donate for the Publicists Team, then please check this thread.

    None this week

    None this week

    Signature of the Month:
    The winner of the October Space Themed Signature of the Month is Ethereal. We will be featuring his signature for the next few editions to inspire others to participate.

    Staff Changes:

    None this week


    Head Administrator


    Staff Administrator

    Global Moderators
    [MPGH]Hugo Boss

    (Market Place, Social Engineering, Pokemon Go Hacks, Cheats & Bots and Trove Hacks & Cheats)
    (Minecraft Hacks & Cheats, Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats, and Other MMORPG Hacks)

    (Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Tom Clancy's The Division Hacks & Cheats, and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Hacks & Cheats)
    (Market Place)
    (Blackshot Hacks & Cheats, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Hack & Cheats, Other First Person Shooters Hacks, and Steam Games Hacks & Cheats)

    (League of Legends Hacks & Cheats)
    (Market Place)
    (League of Legends Hacks & Cheats)
    (Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats)
    (Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats and MapleStory Hacks & Cheats)
    (Blackshot Hacks & Cheats and Other First Person Shooters Hacks)
    (Battlefield Hacks & Cheats and Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats)
    (Pokemon Go Hacks, Cheats & Bots)

    Game Hacking

    Official Middlemen



    Hot Threads:

    Philippines senator calls for president Rodrigo Duterte to be handed crimes due to human rights violations
    A leading member of Philippines senate has called for the president to be handed down crimes due to violating international human rights laws after initiating his ploy to eradicate individuals involved with the drug trade and anyone affiliated with them as a method on stopping the war on drugs in the Philippines. Senaor Leila de Lima, a human rights advocate and a former justice secretary, hopes that foreign intervention can stop the president and his 'state-inspired' judicial murders which have terrorized parts of the country since he first became president four years ago. She urged world leaders to consider sanctions, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate and apprehend the president. The senator fears for her own life, as she did something similar last month and was ousted from another position she had. In addition, the president posted her number publicly where she received many deaths threats. With these comments, only time will tell what will happen to her.

    China is working on a maglev train that can reach 600km/h
    CRRC Corp Ltd, China's leading and largest rail transportation company, has said it begun research and development on the creation of a Maglev train that can reach 600km/h, faster than any train in today's existence. Maglev is short of "magnetic levitation", meaning that the train will not run of fossil fuels, but rather will use electric current and magnets in order to smoothly glide on the tracks. CRRC said there is still a long ways to go for the full creation of the train, as they must first improve their magnetic and levitation technology before they can instill further. Currently, China is home to the fastest commercial train known as the Shanghai Magalev, which reaches speeds of 431km/h. In addition, China leads the work with over 20,000 km worth of high-speed track, and this is expected to grow to 30,000 km by 2020 and 45,000 km by 2030.

    Star Citizen now FTP for the rest of the month

    The game's developer, Cloud Imperium Games announced that there game star citizen will be free to play for the rest of the month as a part of there "Fall 2016 Free Fly" event. So anyone with an account and a promo code can play the game free until October 30th. To acess the "free play" event you have to use the code "FALL2016" which will let you download and play the game. You can grab the link to this promotion HERE

    Everyone who trys out the game in this period will gain access to an exclusive F7C-M Super Hornet
    The page that talks about the ship says "the closest to the Military load-out as is legally possible for a Civilian model," It sounds like a pretty bad-ass ship to me. Good luck trying this game out this month!

    DDoS attack shuts down websites like Netflix, Twitter, Paypal, and many other.
    Earlier this week thousands experienced one of the most impacting DDoS attacks in modern history. Hundreds of websites across the internet including huge websites like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, PayPal, and many other were impacted by a massive DDoS attack that cut off access to Internet users on the East Coast and elsewhere across the United States. This attack was divided in 3 waves of attacks, all under a hour. These attacks took down their servers for around 3 hours in total. The United States Department of Homeland Security reportedly is looking into the attacks but there are no hackers group claiming responsibilities.

    The Game - 1992
    I was recommended this album by a friend and I'll be honest with you; I didn't have very high expectations for it at all. I started the first song and about 30 seconds in my entire attitude changed. This album, in my opinion, is within the top 3 albums released in 2016. The Game delivers a story filled album about how the streets of Los Angeles rioted and rebelled against police during the 1992 Rodney King trials. Each song has elements derived from older generation hip-hop music usually out of appreciation of Dr. Dre or the Wu-Tang Clan. This album is perfect for those who were not alive during the time of the Rodney King trials. The album definitely gives the peoples' perspectives on what was going on in 1992 in Los Angeles. If you're into older hip-hop beats and style then this album is perfect for you. The remastered classic beats combined with The Game's aggressive story telling mix to become an immaculate melting pot of new-age rap and classic hip-hop. Bloods and Crips have also not been relevant in this years musical releases until this album. The album being based off 1992 Los Angeles of course Bloods and Crips have to addressed because that's all Compton knew. From heart wrenching death stories to hype sub bangers, this album has it all.
    I give this album a 8 / 10. Definitely one of the best releases for this year, no doubt.
    A few of the songs weren't to my liking, but the album as a whole was remarkable.

    Russ - Overdue
    This week the up and coming rapper Russ released a new single Overdue. The beat is ominous and interesting. This song reminds me of a grunge-rap kind of vibe. It's very interesting to listen too. The slow kicking bass in the background along with the snare hits and melody of the electronic piano is extremely enjoyable to hear. Along with the beat the hook is fantastic I love the style of the hook. With the slow to the fast parts of the song; Russ mixes these things and gives something everybody can enjoy Personally I could spend all day listening to Russ and all of his tracks. The way Russ puts the song together is well done. The track was produced well. Russ also producing everything himself and writes his own lyrics to all of his songs. The amount of effort he puts into is work is surprising and he is rising and gaining more popularity. His style is very unique but it catches a lot of peoples eyes due to it's interesting style.
    Overall I give this song a 8 / 10.

    League of Legends Semi-Finals
    This week was League of Legends Grand Semi-Finals and the teams that were playing were H2K and Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy won with a clean sweep of 3-0 game. Through out the game H2K focused on trying to kill SSG members more then focusing on getting the objectives done, however in the early game the jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski from H2K had a decent push in the first two games. H2K aggressive play-style did not help them win any of the games and SSG were expertly taking down towers and pushing turrets, even when some of their team mates were down and they had to do this while H2K continuously attacked them aggressively. Lot of people were favoring H2K but the victory card was just not in there favor in the game. After the Semi-Finals Forg1ven had a interview with yahoo and told them that mindless grinding will not improve your game play and you need to have a good work ethics to make improvements.

    Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians in World Series.
    The Chicago Cubs have finally made it to the world series after a long 71 years of failure. They beat the Los Angeles Dodges in the NLCS (4-2 Series). They will be playing a 7 game series against the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday who are red hot right now. In their playoff run so far, the Indians have just one loss. No matter who wins, it will be a great feat for the city. Cleveland has just come off of the 3-1 comeback win with LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the NBA Championship against the Warriors. The Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908 (Many teams have been founded since that date). The Cubs are the favorites to win the championship by a small margin. Hopefully it's going to be a hell of a series!

    Newest and most unique type of drone.
    The Hover Camera is not a normal drone. This self-flying camera is designed to take the coolest types of "selfies" you can think of. With a 13mp camera and 4k video, the things you can do with this are endless. It is not a drone used to fly around, it was design for taking pictures and videos from a unique perspective with minimal effort. This is the most advanced self-flying camera on the market. It is without a doubt the easiest flying camera to use; simply turn it on and let go of it! Once you let got of the Hover Camera it automatically hovers without any type input from you. It uses ground breaking AI technology that automatically sensors what is around it, it follows people automatically using facial recognition and other technologies as well. Overall the Hover Camara is a great product, you can take pictures and video without having to be behind the camera yourself. It has been released this past week and you can get it now for $550 with a $50 discount!

    20 Photographs of the Week
    In this week's second article The Guardian picked for this weeks top 20 photographs.
    These photos vary from the battle in Mosul, the ongoing violence in Syria, and the aftermath of hurricane Matthew.
    All of these photos have so much meaning to them. They're all showing pain, grief, and hurt.
    But they all show humanity as a whole. What's going on in the world and that we ourselves, or we as a nation aren't the focus of everything and there are other people out in the world that can use our help too. Here are a few of the photos featured in the article.


    CSGO Hacks and Cheats
    This week @telilingan created a Aim Bot for CSGO! This Aim bot is extremely simple to use as always. But always be cautious while using you don't wanna get banned. This week's hack only has one feature and that obviously includes aim bot! Please go check out the rest of the information in the thread! My favorite part about this hack is how smooth the aimbot works. I will definitely be using this hacked client this week! And I suggest that you should try it out as well. So as always, it's easy to use, and as well a very easy installation as well so no need to worry about that! Have fun using this hack!

    Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats

    This week we are featuring the Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats section, which is currently moderated by [MPGH]Raple and [MPGH]Luis.
    Recently, Deca Games has released 3 new dungeons to the game.
    The new dungeons are:

    The drop table for these 3 new dungeons are great and are another way to farm dexterity potions.
    Some other updates are changes to some of the drop tables, fixes the vault dupe, and the free packs to all users.
    If you haven't already started playing this game, I recommend you to have a go. This is a free-2-play flash MMORPG game where it doesn't take that much skill to play.
    If you have trouble playing or are bored, you can easily get the latest hacked client from the Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats section that provide aim assist, debuffs, auto loot, and much more!
    This section also has a community Skype group and if you'd like to join it, visit here to apply!

    Puppet Master's Encore game-play

    Image Source

    RoadBlock.... ROADTREE
    We all know crazy shit happens in Maine. We just don't hear about it very often. However, earlier today, a man was arrested for blocking traffic. Now while that may seem normal, trust me, it is not. This man was dressed as a TREE. Officers say the man didn't respond to officers when they warned him against obstructing traffic in a busy intersection in downtown Portland. He then proceeded to block traffic again, and was subsequently arrested. A friend of the mans claims he was just studying street patterns. It is unsure what his punishment will be, but he won't be smelling any green grass for the next couple of days at least.

    Interview - [MPGH]Dynasty

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Hey Dynasty, thanks for taking the time to do an Interview for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: My pleasure Nyaro. My week has been pretty good. What about yours?

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Nice to hear. Thanks for asking. My week was pretty hard this week. A lot of school stuff to do. Is there anything exciting that happened to you lately?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: I know how crazy it at times. I finished school a bit ago so I don't have to worry about all that anymore. Nothing too exciting happened this week to be honest.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: A boring week... That's what I have almost every week haha. Can you tell us how you joined MPGH and what made you stay?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: Well it might seem like I'm a new member but I have been around for at least 5+ years now. I came to know about MPGH while searching for Combat Arms hacks. I think it was flamesword or some member with a similar name that used to release a bunch of CA hacks back then. I was active on couple forums at the time. I was actually active on MPGH about 4 or 5 years ago and recently came back after being out of scene for couple years. I quickly started doing giveaways and made my way into the Market Section. Couple months ago I started my FitBit thread, which now has over 21k views and 400 replies. From there I joined the News Force and MPGH quickly became a thing for me once again.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: I see. Can you tell us what your favorite section is at MPGH and why?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: I would have to say the Art Design Section and the Market Section. I spent most of my time in both of those sections. I have been running the SOTM Contest in the Art Section, which has made me a lot more active there. On the Market Section I have been selling and providing a variety of services & products for couple months already. I enjoy both of those sections.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Yea, Keeping the Art Design Section alive. Glad that someone is doing it. So what do you do when you're not on MPGH? What are your hobbies?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: Keeping it alive is one of my main goals at the moment! Well I usually play tennis for at least 4+ hours every single day of the week except Sundays. It is more of a job than a hobby though. As hobbies I like going out with friends, playing different sports, and traveling.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Oh Tennis? I always wanted to try that out. No time unfortunately. I play table tennis. Would it be easier for me to play tennis or would I be the same newbie as everyone?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: Lol, yeah. It would be a bit easier for you since you would understand the game faster. The swing and movements are similar but a in a larger scale. You should try it out for sure! It is pretty fun.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: I understand. I hope I will find some free time so I can try it out! If you could change something at MPGH, what would it be?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: There is nothing that I would change to be honest. Everything on MPGH is pretty well done and laid out. There are little things like annoying CSs and shit posters, but that is all just part of the community.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: I think you're the first one that I interviewed who wants to change nothing haha. Do you want to give out a Shout-out to someone before we end the interview?

    [MPGH]Dynasty: Well we could go into details of little things that can be changed but honestly I like MPGH how it is. The only thing that could be changed is the Theme which has been the same for years now. Other than that, there are other small stuff like annoying members, but at the end of the day that just makes things interesting! I would like give a shout-out to the following members: Boss @Hova & @Raple , @Hunter , @Psychotic , @Heaven , @Ahlwong , and @Arioch .

    [MPGH]Nyaro: It was a pleasure to interview you. Take care!

    [MPGH]Dynasty: Thank you Nyaro ( @Dave's Ballsack Rag )! Have a great day.

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    welcome noobs to newsfo, enjoy ur stay @Luis @Lightning @Vader
    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post
    I love ya man the real dank God
    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Trump Protesters
    "rip the stocks, ur munny is goner" - "ww3 is coming america!!1 trump is the new hitler" - "TOTALLY UNFAIR RIGGED FACISM" - "fuck this im moving to cana... FUCK THE IMMIGRATION SITE IS DOWN!"
    luv u 2 bb

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    nice edition

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    Another good edition team!


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    Wow, got mentioned
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    Starting to search something interesting for the new edition, great job guys!


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    Remove the ' in Etheral's the spoiler wont work

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    My quote still the best tho

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    Welcome to the team noobs
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    What a wonderful forum news edition.
    If you need help with anything, feel free to PM/VM me about it.


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    Nice, goodjob there. good news especially about Syria
    Subscribe my channel
    Its about League of Legends

    I really appreciate if you guys subscribe

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    Bravo, looking forward to starting.
    Leaving mpgh for irl school opportunities.
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    Assume I'm hacked if I try to contact you.
    I will not talk to anyone until I am secured in this new part of my life.

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    Why wasn't my donation mentioned this week did i have to put it in the donation thread again?

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    Good stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hova View Post
    When schuba speaks, people listen


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