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    Question AQW Account Cracker/Checker?

    Is there any that are released?
    Just want to get 'cracking'.

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    @k1ngqu33n, next time please do a little background research before making threads of this type. Anyhow, read the following:

    Posted by @Oliboli8769:
    It's not hard, let me point you in the right direction.
    Cracking is done through brute-forcing. This is basically just continually guessing the password of accounts. There is a limit to roughly 8 password attempts per account before you are locked out. So the best method is to get a HUGE username list, and a small password list. I normally only use about 3-4 passwords. Then the cracker will attempt to login with the current username and password, and if it succeeds then it will tell you.
    I hope that makes sense, it sounds complicated but it's really not.

    The two applications you need are:
    1. A username grabber. This collects usernames in-game and should be self-explanatory. Once you've collected the usernames, save them as a .txt file for later use in a cracking application.
    2. A cracker. However, all the released crackers are outdated, unforunately. (Anyhow, the next step would consist of loading the .txt file from the username grabber into this application, entering <8 passwords, and start cracking AQW accounts). I believe this is the most recent cracking application. Load the .txt file from the username grabber into this application, enter <8 passwords, and start cracking!

    If you have any questions let me (Oliboli8769) know. I promise that it's much easier than it sounds.
    /Moved to the correct section, solved & closed.
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