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    How to correctly request for help

    Thread titles

    When you are going to create a thread asking for help ,obviously every one at this section will look at the thread title and see if they will be able to provide help or not.
    So make sure you name it something neat and related to your problem. you can even put the error's name/code, that's the enough to clarify your problem to us.

    How you should do it :

    How you shouldn't do it :

    Thread contents
    There's some certain stuff that you should know before you post a new help request thread.
    • Do NOT post bot requests in this sections. Post them here.
    • Has been written in decent English.and not any other language.
    • Describe your problem as much as you can, and try not to skip any part.
    • Avoid emotes/smiley faces as these are annoying.
    • Provide us with your operating system.
    • Post screenshots or video of your problem.

    How you should do it :

    How you shouldn't do it :

    -MPGH Staff.

    Credits: @Ameer
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